“Everything is a sin”


Yesterday was an unusually long day for me.

Help Me

I received a call asking for help.

I said OK, will do

Met Up

We met up and drove where intended.

Upon getting there my friend changed his mind and opted to go to another location for the service.

He asked the person at the door for the address to the alternate location.

The person replied that he does not have it.

My friend persisted asking for the address over and over again.

I got a bit tired.

I have a smartphone and explained to my travel partner that I have the address.

But, no the receptionist has to be the person that gives him the address.

Finally, I had experienced enough.

To deescalate, I walked my way back to the car, hoping my friend will follow likewise.

But, he no was so sure that the help should come from the receptionist.

I waited by the car, a while, but my friend did not show up.

Went back to fetch him.

But, he was not there.

The receptionist pointed the way he went.

I took a similar path, but he had moved past the straight road.


Treat For Me

I needed a treat.

I went by one of the only restaurants that stays open late.

Ordered me a whole plate of pecan pie.  Boxed up to go, that is.

I had him toss in a slice of “banana pie” has added insurance.


A Young, Gentle Man

Another man was leaving the store at the same time.

He kept the door open for me.

He said he did so, cause I was a gentleman.

We exchanged happy words as we parted.

After a while, he turned around and came back my way.

He offered he thought he drove, but NO he walked.

I returned the favor and offered him a ride.

He really did not need it.

But, I pushed him.

He chose the back seat as it ensured “Social Distancing“.


His Neighborhood

I overshot the white car, that I was supposed to park next to.

As I made a sudden stop to make an unwise U-Turn, a middle-aged lady that was returning from her evening stroll made quick strides aiming to get closer to her front door.

I explained to my new acquaintance what brought me out so late in the evening.

He listened well.

Talking and Listening flowed due to our shared religion.

As he stood by the passenger door, he closed by stating “Everything is a Sin.  I will remember you in my prayers

I exclaimed everything is a sin, “Please explain“.

He said No, he did not mean, everything is a sin.

But, everything is seen.

I said “Thank God“, for the clarity in explanation.

He chuckled that if his words had not soothe me, “I would have returned to the store, we just left, asking for a second topping; a cherry on it“.


Your Angel

Life is hard.

Next time you crave that desert.

I hope God has a healthier plan.

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