1. Bamboo & Erica
    • Bamboo the rapper: I almost sold my soul to the devil
      • Profile
        • Bamboo the rapper talks about his transformation from the evil world to Christianity.
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- TV47 Kenya
          Published On:- 2020-March-14th
    • #SaturdayConfessions: Trading with the devil
      • Profile
        • Erica narrates a shocking story of how she was initiated into being a sorcerer and her journey to hell through Lake Victoria
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel:- TV47 Kenya
          Published On:- 2020-March-7th




Bamboo and Erica

Bamboo the rapper: I almost sold my soul to the devil

  1.  In your patience possess ye your souls. ( Luke 21:19 )
    • References
  2. Enemy Tools ( Segment Minutes 24- )
    • Extreme Excitement
    • Extreme Sadness
  3. Power Satan has ( Segment 28 -)
    • Anointing
      • Power to pull people
    • Music is very spiritual
    • Whatever music you are going to listen to
      • You are agreeing with the spirit
    • Details
      • The Devil is not going to give you details
      • The Devil will never tell you what it will use your music to
  4. Subtleness
    • Various stages of letting go
      • Lose Soul
      • Lose Will
      • Lose Mind
      • Lose Emotion
    • Chase Vanity
  5. Brotherhood
    • Santaria Priest
    • Initiated into the Brotherhood
    • Satanist
  6. Hell
    • Hell has many entrances
    • Hell has many ways to compromise yourself
  7. Circles of Brotherhood
    • Covenant Spirit ( Segment 15 – )
      • Compromised Your Integrity
      • Initiation
      • Sexual Act to convenant you in
      • You will sleep with someone to get you in
      • They will have pictures of you
      • And, you will know they have these images of you naked
      • And, it will be held over your head to shame you
  8. Life is Spiritual ( Segment 23: )
    • Life is very spiritual
    • Doors That Enemy Uses
      • Extreme Excitement
      • Extreme Depression
    • People around them
      • Have good hear for music
  9. Promise Success
    • They will promise you success
    • Make a master copy
      • And, have the spirit follow the master
    • You have to let the spirit in
    • Your Participation is needed for you to be cursed
  10. Stealing Destiny ( Segment 31 -)
    • In the world of witchcraft, it is possible to steal someone’s destiny
    • When you are coming towards him, he opens doors
    • When you are moving away from him, he closes doors
  11. A Girl
    • A Girl Shows Up
    • Your enemies have covered your stars
    • In the world of witchcraft, it is possible to steal someone’s destiny
    • Everybody has a star
    • Joseph, In the Bible
      • Has a star
      • His brothers bowed down to him
    • Your enemies have Covered Your Stars
      •  Somebody has stolen your star
    • Enemy knows how to send somebody to bring you in
      • Interfered with your life
      • Interfered with your destiny
  12. Show Business
    • Is it just show biz
  13. Choosing one’s enemy ( Segment 36 -)
    • Admitting it is true, requires change
    • People will rather fight God, than fight sin
    • If you want to fight God, you will not believe me
    • If you want to fight the Devil, you will believe me
  14. Another Girl Sent
    • The things that are happening to you is not supposed to be happening to you
    • Wanted me to meet Dr. Jafari
  15. Removing Curses
    • Pulled into witchcraft
      • Through Curse Removal
    • Only Jesus can remove curses
    • If you go anywhere else, you are pulling yourself into witchcraft
    • Went to him
      • Things were going bad
      • And, needed to stop the bleeding
    • Purchase a can
      • Zesta, the jam
    • Get in the shower
      • And, put the bottle between my legs
    • I did it
      • Got in the shower
      • Asked for all curses to be removed
    • Went back to the Office
      • spirit speaks again
      • So many different things came out of the Jam
      • Witchcraft
        • It is disgusting
        • Satan likes that type of things
      • Everything That came out of the can
        • was explained as curses others had placed on me
      • Curse
        • Financial
        • Not able to travel
  16. Sacrifice
    • Animal Sacrifice
      • Camel Sacrifice
    • Enemy have sacrificed to bring me down
    • Now it was my turn to buy something to be sacrificed
    • Satan does not give you anything for free
    • You have to sacrifice something
    • Something is got to give
    • Camel will be taken to the beach
    • I did not want to go along to the beach as it seems it is something you will not come back from
    • Spirit
      • Spirit came to take over my mind
      • I was at the Theatre and I knew if I slept, I might not wake back up
      • Called a pastor and he started to pray for me
    • Left Mombasa
    • And, returned to Nairobi
  17. Witchcraft
    • Witchcraft is very real
    • As you get deeper, you will want bigger things
  18. Sacrifice
    • You are going to be sacrificing bigger things
    • Satan does not give you anything for free
    • Something has to die
    • Without the flow of blood, there is no sacrifice
  19. Sister/Salvation
    • Salvation is personal
    • She will have to see it for herself
    • When my sister reaches that level, she will be approached, and she will have an opportunity to say No
  20. Post Deliverance
    • Erica
      • Met Wife
        • Through a mutual friend
      • Praying for people
      • We understand each other ministry
      • Deliverance
        • Marine Kingdom
        • Eat
          • Eating mattress
          • Eat clothes
          • Eat Toilet Paper
          • Eat brick
        • Spirits leave them and they are freed
      • Avail ourselves to help as many people as people
      • Money
        • If a minister is asking for money, please run
        • Jesus did not take money from everyone

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