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  1. Pimp interview-Pimpsy
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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Pimpsy, a pimp from San Diego.
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2020-May-19th


  1. Bishop Don Juan
    • Drawing too much attention
    • What they did
      • Give them the game they done
        • Repeating their mistake
    • What not to do
      • Don’t do this, don’t do that
    • avoid that speed bump
  2. Different Kind of Girls
    • Snow
    • Black Girls
      • Head Strong
        • Their money don’t match their problems
      • You could give me all the problems in the world, if I am making a million
      • Deal with problems for a hundred dollars
      • Culture awareness
        • Bringing more into my people
  3. Bonnie & Clyde
    • Do everything I got to do
  4. Risk Her life for you
    • Risk her life for you every night
    • Getting in and out of cars
  5. Share her lifestyle with
    • Paying you to share her lifestyle with you
  6. Internet
    • Internet shut down
  7. Take this chick
    • Take this chick to the convention center
  8. Discipline
    • Finesse Pimp
      • Not gorilla pimp, but discipline them
  9.  Honesty
    • Whether it sounds good or not
    • When a chick hears it, she is gonna know there is more honesty to come
    • Hard truth or not
  10. Wants to be with you
    • I am not gonna be here and lie to her, that it is gonna be she and I
    • Never met anyone like you
    • Clear with them from the gates
    • Lied to them
      • Made them my boss
  11. Hereditary
    • It is not “passed on
  12. Drugs
    • I don’t do drugs
    • Codeine
    • Rapper friend ( pen see)
    • After his passing, I left that alone
  13. Females
    • Don’t have females that do it
    • Crystal Meth
      • Beautiful Chick
      • Work 14 hours straight
    • Drugs Addiction
    • I don’t want a girl that is on drugs
    • She was doing better
  14. Giving Back
    • What I was given by Don Juan
    • The last thing you want to do
      • Make sure this is really what you want to do
      • And, the risk you want to take
    • It is not all peaches
    • Almost did 7 years behind that
    • My kids grew up on me
  15. paperwork
    • Tell on so and so
    • All the reputation you have built over the years
  16. Best Girl
    • Twin Sisters
      • She got her twin sister to come to be with us
      • Not just her getting money
      • she put her life up
      • Put tears on your eye to see
    • Have Kids
    • In Churches
    • Sticking up with my end of the bargain
    • Not Addicted to money
      • Addicted to what she will do for you
    • Have her
      • Have her say what she will do for you
      • But, these girls really did so
  17. Look for
    • Don’t lie
      • Don’t lie as that will put a line between us
      • I am always going to think about the lie
    • Blinded
      • Blinded by her appearance
      • If her conduct is 100% that is what you want
    • Questions
      • Questions to make things work between us



  1. Straight lace no chase.
  2. Tell me some news I could use
  3. Keep her on point like a fresh joint, knowimsayin? Tell her to stop the grinnin and drop the linen. Churcch. lol
  4. Tell a bitch turn around n look what she turning down
  5. 39:12
    “It ain’t in the beauty, it’s in the duty.”
  6. Purse first. Ass last.
  7. “black, white, candy stripe. anybody but a dead body, any soul, but a shoe sole”
  8. Boss don’t have to lie to nobody. When someone lies to someone then the person they lied to becomes their boss



  1. Spriggs
    • 5 months ago ( as of 2021-August-13th )
      • Out of all the pimps I’ve seen on here, he appears to truly understand what he does. He was the first one that mentioned some of the pitfalls like human trafficking charges etc etc. He was careful and tried to do everything to stay out of trouble (as far as being a pimp is concerned) and he still got locked up for 7 years. This is all incredibly interesting.
  2. Jasmin Chora
    • As a former prostitute (I turned my life around over 5 years ago, and I will graduate with a AA in paralegal studies at the end of this year). I love these interviews and I appreciate this man for being honest in saying that women are paying him for companionship because thats exactly what most women do, pimps say its for protection and this and that but we all know that that is a lie. I did it all I traveled from state to state you name it I’ve been there and this man, regardless of how he makes his money, he is knowledgable. The game is not what it used to be, you used to be able to post on craigslist and make racks, when that shut down you’d hit certain blades in certain areas and make racks. No Im not condoning pimping but lets not get shit twisted there are good pimps out there who just want to elevate your game and use no violence or manipulation involved (yes they are hard to come by, its like finding a needle in a haystack) but lets not put them all in the same category.
  3. Britt Clay
    • They such slick talkers lmaoooo you cant help but to be fascinated and intrigued by they ass just based off their lingo
  4. Eric Lofstrand
    • Sweat today so you don’t regret today..(personal trainer quote)
  5. D Alyx
    • It’s not about the question. It’s all about the answers. The question is just a catalyst for him to share his experiences
  6. Charlie Erickson
    • ” They give me 100% of their money for my counseling and tampon getting skills.” I hope he never has a daughter..
  7. ruinerfixxxer
    • Dads love your daughters with everything you got.
  8. Realwhetherrainornot
    • Mommy left. Now he has mommys who can’t leave him. They essentially put food on his table and give him love.
  9. Sam Peterson
    • A lot of the people in these interviews aren’t smart academically, but they have social intelligence that exceeds that of a regular person. For example the way this guy tells a story shows that he isn’t an unintelligent person, just troubled.
  10. xluvovhzz
    • It’s scary how manipulative he is. I respect his honesty. Videos like this makes me thankful for my dad.
  11. smk.
    • When he says he can’t sleep with a woman without her paying him, he’s doing the same thing as the girls
  12. Ja’Lynn Nicole ( Link )
    • he suckering y’all in , meanwhile he giving me a headache 😂

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