Global News:- Crime Beat – Mother’s Heartbreak



Crime Beat is a true-crime series that takes viewers deep into some of Canada’s most infamous criminal cases.

Based on the highly successful podcast hosted by Nancy Hixt, Crime Beat showcases the best investigative crime reporting from the Global News reporters who covered the stories in real-time.

Using extensive archives and intimate family interviews, each week Crime Beat reveals new details that go beyond the news headlines: giving a voice to victims and their families, unraveling how each case was solved, and exploring lasting impacts on the community and justice system.


  1. Crime Beat: If Anything Happens To Me – The Ottey Sisters | Ep 8
    • Profile
      • Teenage sisters Marsha and Tamara Ottey were stabbed to death in August 1995. A couple of months later, Dimitrija Trajceski became the first TTC worker killed on the job. Crime Beat’s Caryn Lieberman has the story of how these two families’ lives became inextricably intertwined.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Date Published:- 2020-May-2nd
    • Timeline
      • Stabbing:- Summer 1995
        • August 16th ( Death )
        • October 1995 ( Death by Stabbing – Transit Worker )
    • Participants
      • Ottey
        • Avis Ottey
          • Marsha Ottey ( Daughter )
          • Tamara Ottey ( Daughter )
            • Tammy ( Nickname )
      • Trajceski
        • Dimitrija Trajceski ( Jimmy )
          • Mariana ( Daughter )
      • Rohan Ranger
      • Adrian Kincaid
    • Books
      • Avis Ottey
        • It May Hurt for a while
    • Stories
      • Global News
        • Crime Beat – If anything happens to me: The murder of the Ottey sisters
      • CBC
        • Guilty verdict in 1995 slaying of Toronto sisters
  2. Crime Beat: Alicia Ross, Everyone’s Daughter | Ep 5
    • Profile
      • Alicia’s disappearance leads to one of the biggest missing person searches in Ontario’s history. Reporter Catherine McDonald reconnects with Alicia’s mother to tell the story.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Date Published:- 2020-April-11th
    • Participants
      • Ross
        • Alicia Ross
          • Sharon Ross Fortis ( Mother )
      • Sean Hine
      • Daniel Sylvester
    • Memorial
      • Project Canoeing
  3. Crime Beat: The Legacy of Jordan Manners | Ep 7
    • Profile
      • In May of 2007, 15 year old Jordan Manners was gunned down in a hallway at C.W. Jefferys Collegiate Institute, marking the first time a student was shot and killed inside a Toronto school. Catherine McDonald looks back at the murder, its impact on the community and his family, and how this tragic story led to a major review of school safety procedures.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Date Published:- 2020-April-11th
    • Participants
      • Victims
        • Jordan Manners
          • Loraine ( Mother )
      • Others
        • J.W.
        • C.D.
  4. Crime Beat – Season 1 Episode 4 – Alison Parrott: Leader of the Pack
    • Profile
      • Coaxed from her home for a photoshoot, a promising young athlete never returns: Caryn Lieberman brings us through the DNA breakthrough that cracks the case to a mother’s national safety campaign.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Date Published:- 2020-April-1st
    • Participants
      • Victims
        • Alison Parrott
          • Lesley Parrot ( Mother )
          • Pamela McNarama ( Family Friend )
      • Detectives
        • Steve Irwin
      • Others
        • Francis Carl Roy
    • Dates
      • Summer 1996
        • 1996-July-25th ( Date of Disappearance )
    • Metadata
      • Computer Software
        • New Computer Software
      • Scarborough Rape Case
        • Paul Bernardo
      • DNA

Video – Transcript

  1. Crime Beat: If Anything Happens To Me – The Ottey Sisters | Ep 8
    • Marsha Ottey ( Daughter )
      • If anything happens to me
        • If anything should happen to me, it is Rohan
      • Why
        • Why are you telling this to the World?
        • I realize it now, she did not want it to get back to the Ex
    • Neighbor
      • Someone took the time to know who was coming and who was leaving out of the house
  2. Crime Beat: Alicia Ross, Everyone’s Daughter | Ep 5
    • Sean Hine ( Boyfriend )
      • How do you feel they arrested someone else
        • I only tell the truth and nothing but the truth
    • Mother
      • Everybody’s Daughter
        • What is her legacy?
        • Why she grab the province’s heart so hard
          • I went canoeing with Alisha, she worked so well
      • Sadness & Sorrow
        • You move forward as hard as you can
        • Mourning is a good thing
        • We all miss her
        • Sadness and Sorrow is a very solitary thing
      • Stuck
        • She is stuck
        • Everybody else moves on
      • Give Anything
        • I will give anything to have her again for 5 minutes
  3. Crime Beat: The Legacy of Jordan Manners | Ep 7
    • Mother
      • Catherine
        • Mum
          • Who is being here for me
          • Who is being here for me, Catherine
        • Catherine
          • You are the kind of Mother I have wanted to be
          • Even then, I did not have kids of my own
      • In Spirit
        • Not in body
        • But, in Spirit
  4. Crime Beat – Season 1 Episode 4 – Alison Parrott: Leader of the Pack
    • Mother
      • Closure
        • There is no closure for losing a child, cause there is no closure for love
      • Grief
        • The first thing is to honor what people are feeling themselves
        • Long term support at “Bereaved Family of Ontario
      • Legacy
        • What is Alison’s Legacy
          • For me, being able to help other people is an important part of Alison’s legacy
          • It is all above Love
          • Helping Kids
            • Helping Kids be confident, be aware, and be alert
    • Pamela
      • Something to say
        • She could work out the right thing to say to have someone’s life get better
    • Steve Irwin
      • I speak to her every July 25th
        • Anniversary of Alison Parrot’s disappearance
        • There is a peace that is trapped in time, it never moves
        • You wonder what there live would have been, what would have come

Video Comments

  1. Crime Beat: If Anything Happens To Me – The Ottey Sisters | Ep 8
    • Klarita Malano
      • Avis is Strong, Classy, beautiful, intelligent, and dignified lady, this is how a woman should be.. from one mother to another mother, my heart breaks for you. RIP Beautiful Girls
    • Casper Cattrell
      • Avis is an amazing woman. What a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful, and well-spoken woman. She has suffered so much loss, but she speaks so thoughtfully. Bless your angel. May you find peace and closure. Despite the horrible crimes and tragedy that your family has endured, the world is still a good place because of people like you, Avis.
    • Emily Wiebel
      • I give a lot of props to the father who secretly recorded his own son confessing to him and immediately telling the investigators and handing the tape over with his own free will. Some people can be raised in good homes and have amazing parents and still go out commit horrendous crimes.


Happy Mother’s Day, Ms. Ottey.

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