Season of Take …. “I don’t want to go to school” ( Day – 03 )


In a season of take,  it is easy to be overwhelmed.

On our Take 3, we will cover the topic of “I don’t want to go to School“.


  1. Day 01 – Overwhelmed
  2. Day 02 – Leadership


Don’t want to go to School


  1. Leaving in the Real World
  2. Ran Errands
    • Federal Express Store ( FedEx)
    • Post Office
  3. Dinner
  4. Back Room Reading
  5. Worn Out
  6. OnCall Phone Call
  7. Sleep



Leaving in the Real World

My cousin and I spoke for hours last night.

You can imagine what it was about.

One of my ex-girlfriends has a really cute cousin, and we know they will do well together.

But, she is so strong-headed and ever so often goes her own way.

I opened up to him about the struggles of life and he did likewise.

Past midnight, he said I am out.

I have to go to back to work at the Hospital Tomorrow“.

Continuing “Daniel, I know you are working from home, but some of us are still living in the Real World“.

I agreed.

One of his adopted big brothers had earlier told me:-

The worst one can do these days is to go to the club and hand over his business card.  Once a girl sees “It reads MD, Medical Doctor”, she will not get too far before ditching it.

Everybody knows Doctors don’t make any money.

Run Errands

Unfortunately, today was the first day in weeks now that I had to live in the real world.

FedEx Office

The printer at home has not worked for years now.

Which is good.  Environmentally Conscious.

Less Printed Papers; means less Dead Trees, and More Living Ones.

While physically at work, I would have printed out the forms.

But, these days I have to find an Office Store to go print it.

Postal Office

Stood in line at the Postal Office to mail off the paperwork.



Dinner was at Popeyes.

I know I am not eating healthy.

The manager refused to sell to me unless I sign up with a cell phone app.

He said otherwise, I am paying twice as much.


Back Home Reading

Finally, made it back home and tried to read.

Lucky for me, it was something I had saved up.

It was a hard material.

A new subject on Networking for me.

I couldn’t do it.

Regretfully and Pitifully so.


Worn Out

I was worn out and tried to sleep.

I start dozing off; a nice early evening siesta.


On Call

On-Call Phone call came in.

Thankfully the life of an IT person, whose role is than of an individual contributor, means you get called any time.

Took plenty of time and worked the ticket to completion.


Went back to deep.  A good 4 to 5 hours this time.



This is dedicated to all those who have lived all their lives with the feeling “I don’t want to go to school“.

I tried to read the material on Networking but just could not do it.

Contributory Factors includes:-

  1. Overwhelmed with all the use-cases
  2. Web Blogs that have advertising overly seamed into the technical content
  3. Not identifying solid reading resources beforehand

Upon a few good hours of sleep, feel rested and better, and now I can read.

But, of course, I will rather write.

It a hell lot easier.


Read Wrong…

Looking back I do feel sorry for those whose lives from an early and tender age have been “I really do not want to go school“.

All along I assumed it is a choice.

But, No, it is not just a choice.

Sometimes people lose interest in what they feel they are not comparatively good at.

Things that come hard to them.

They dull things out; sadly sometimes their whole being.


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