Season of Take – Overwhelmed ( Day -01 )


In a season of take,  it is easy to be overwhelmed.



Here are some resources that can help one cope.

  1. Holiness
    • Your holiness is important
    • You have given and are giving so much already
    • Please do not part with your holiness
  2. Naturally Produced
    • Look for things your body can naturally produce
    • Unfortunately, a lot of gyms are closed
    • So please take to the outdoors
      • Neighborhood
        • Put on your face mask
        • Take a nice walk of at least 15 to 20 minutes
        • The longer the better
      • Community Parks
        • Community parks are even better
        • The scenery is modeled for supple take in
  3. Solitude
    • Look for places and time of solitude
      • Squeeze in private time to shut yourself in
      • Look for things to submerge yourself in
        • Look for things that you can escape in
  4. Look for people you share commonality
    • For me, it is programmers and bloggers foremost
      • As I research an item and find blog posts, I make quick mental notes
        • Is it fresh material?
        • Is it an existing material rendered in an easier way to digest?
        • Does the author really want me to get it
          • And, just really giving it away that I can easily comprehend it
  5. Hear and Listen Well
    • Hear and listen to the right people
    • For me here are the people I enjoy listening to
      • Christain
        • Ravi Zacharias
        • Damon Thompson
      • Islam
        • Shaykh Hamza Yusuf
        • Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad
        • Nouman Ali Khan
    • Reading
      • Khaled Hosseini
  6. Music & Musicians
    • Music is therapeutic
    • It can bring one up out of slumber
    • Usually rendered in short, 3 minutes span
  7. Wish Well
    • Look for people you can wish well
    • I look for people I can send social media friend request or just a message
      • These are people doing well already
      • And, I just want to thank them for something nice they posted online
      • I am glad they posted something and kept it out there
  8. Live and Model Well
    • As you draw near to God
    • He starts to change you from the inside out
    • Look and Identify people that can benefit in the same way
    • You are still lacking and so others that are being similarly tempted will be drawn to you
    • Your closeness to God will thus not only benefit you, but also people who are within the same context and proximity to God, the divine healer



Social Media

Stay At Home Dad




Stay at home Dad

Thank You




Thanks for positive feedback



Keep working hard.

When you need accompaniment, look for it in person and online.

Prefer natural occuring.

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