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        Date Published :- 2020-March-28th



Don’t Notice A Change
Until it is all in your face
It gets in your way
Nothing Is The Same

Don’t really notice
Don’t Notice A Change
Until it picks up its pace
Day by Day
Nothing Is the Same

But, I miss
How things were
It feel so far away
From What I know so far

From Things I could tell
Nothing good ever stays
Things I know so far
You feel so far away
Things you could tell

Nothing good ever stays
Nothing good ever stays

Don’t Notice A Change
Until it picks up its pace
Every Day by Day
Nothing Is the Same

Don’t Notice Quite
Until it keeps you up at night

Till it is an Echo in Silence
Where it is by your side
You don’t really notice
The transformation
Waiting at the Station for someone who never left



Dedicated to the Mayweather family.


And, to the caretakers.

Those taking care of loved ones; whether it be grandparents, parents, spouses, children, siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins, neighbors, and friends.

A Word

A Word To The Mayweather family

I know no one believes in afterlife experiences, nor conversations.

But, as a word of encouragement.

The Glorious High Says to tell you, you passed the test; especially bearing it in public.

Few can bear pain in private.

Those who bear in public allow God to show he is fair; if nothing else.

The family allowed the most high to show his even handedness; and for that he is grateful.

A Word To Other Family @ The Door


First Hand, I know the burden of caring for loved ones.

The CoronaVirus exponentially makes it a bit harder.

There are people tormented and can not stand to to be still.

There are people on dialysis and have to make multiple visits to the clinic each week.

There are people who just don’t feel well and have to get tests; pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, toothaches; you name it.

A lot of small clinics are shut and those that are open can only perform certain tests and care.

Grandma needs to go for her scheduled visits; but her age is a bit high; and so the family is hesitant to take her out of the house.

Come to End of Self

Please keep in mind as you come to end of self, there are people,  God has praying for you.  There are people charged with remembering you before an heavenly attentive father.

There are people willing to shut in, lay down, and keep still upon an heavenly father who knows you, hears you, and is waiting to entrust your needs, thoughts and care.

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