Linking Bank Accounts – From Chase to …


On Lockdown and doing more online.

Physically unable to move around easily from one financial institution’s building to the next.


Since can’t do things on the walk.  Let us do so electronically.

External Account


  1. Self – Register Account
    • Chase WebSite
      • Register Account
  2. Chase Back Office – Withdrawals sent to Chase
    • Deposits and Withdrawal of less than a dollar made on your behalf from Chase to Other Party
  3. Self – Record/Memorize
    • Access Other Account’s WebSite
      • Record / Memorize deposits by Chase
  4. Self – Confirm Withdrawals
    • Chase WebSite
      • Confirm Withdrawals
  5. Chase – Confirms External Account
    • confirms External Account


Image – Self – Register External Account ( 1 )



Image – Self – Record/Memorize Deposits Made By Chase ( 3 )



Image – Self – On Chase WebSite, Confirm Withdrawals ( 4 )


Image – Chase – Confirms External Account is Linked ( 5 )



  1. Akon
    • Akon ft. Styles P – Locked Up (Official Video)
      • Akon ft. Styles P – Locked Up (Official Video)
        Channel :- Akon
        Date Published :- 2009-June-16th


Family do not waste your lock down!



  1. On a health tip
    • The more you do online, the more you tend to your banker’s healthiness

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