Zoom – Video Conferencing – Preferences – Virtual Background


Starting to use Zoom daily, at least doing the work week.


Some meetings are both video and audio.

For the video meetings, one may opt to replace his/her actual background with a virtual one.


There are a couple of Zoom clients, desktop and mobile.

The steps are a bit different based on the client one is using.



  1. If the client is not already downloaded, please download it
  2. Launch installed client
    • Start Zoom ( Desktop app )
  3. Use
    • Login
      • Please enter your email and password
    • Access Settings Option
      • On the top right corner under your initials, you will notice a little wrench option, please click on it
    • Settings
      • Tab – General
        • The first tab is the General Tab
        • Please click on the Virtual Background
      • Tab – Virtual Background
        • The available virtual backgrounds are listed
          • I chose none
        • You can click the ( settings.tab.virtualBackground.button.add.01.20200322.0932AM) button to add an image or video of your choice



Image – Login


Image – Use – Welcome Screen – Section – Preference


Image – Use – Settings
Settings – Tab – General


Settings – Tab – Virtual Background




  1. Virtual Background Is Not Availed in Settings


Virtual Background Is Not Availed in Settings

If the Virtual Background option is not available in the Settings Screen, please log on to the zoom web site and determine if an Administrator has disabled that option for your organization.


  1. Launch Web Browser
  2. Enter Zoom’s URL ( https://www.zoom.us/ ) ( Link )
  3. The initial screen displayed is the Profile Screen ( Link )
  4. Please click the Settings button
  5. On the Settings Screen
    • Navigate to the “Virtual Background” option
    • If this option is off, please toggle it
    • If the Administrator has chosen not to allow you to control this option,  “Locked By Admin” will be displayed next to the option


Web Site – Profile


Web Site – Profile – Setting





Next time on a video meeting, please try it out.



  1. Zoom
    • Help Center
      • Changing settings in the desktop client or mobile app

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