Law Enforcement & Love


It started a few days ago for me.


Store security guard

A good man was sharing how things went the night before.

He made that quick run to the store. While there two men came in.

One of the men was making amusement. He caught the attention of the store clerks.

Another man came behind him and started taking out store supplies;  boxes of water bottles and other household materials.

The story teller said what surprised him the most, was seeing the security guard stand by watching.

Yes, he was appropriately attired. A gun and its holster. A baton.

But here he goes not even confronting the would be store robbers.


Public Transit Ride


Two Brothers and a Man


As I was making my way home yesterday evening, noticed a young man approach an older man.

He bumped into him. And they both spoke of their willingness to take it outside.

As the young man pulled back a bit he swore on his dearly departed sister.

The swearing goes “If he, the older man, ever touched or bumped his younger brother again, he will shoot him

On taking his seat he beckoned to his young brother to come take the seat next to him.

That directed me to his brother, who had made way, and gotten lost in the crowd.  I noticed that he seemed a bit trembled. 

But he walked over to his older brother.  And, took the offered seat.


A Police Officer &  A Gentleman


On the same train an officer came on board.

He walked from one train cabin to the next.

Checking the seats.

As I disembarked, I wanted to thank the Officer for his service.

Gladingly he was getting off the same stop.

Walked over to him gave him a hand shake and gratitude.

The shake was protected as he wore gloves.


Saying his Prayers


He spoke on how hard it is to get up each morning and stand in line.

How one can not take it home, but leave it at work each day.

The next day, knowing there is so much to be thankful for, say that prayer.

Not ever taking anything for granted.



A job that can not be done outside of loving people.

And, having a calling.

Loving people when they don’t even know it.

Mostly from afar.

Sometimes next to them, yet keeping a distance.

For their safety.

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