Coronavirus :- Dr. Bruce Aylward – World Health Organization ( WHO ) – Assistant Director

Bruce Aylward

Who is Bruce Aylward?



Dr Aylward is currently on loan from WHO to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) to lead a newly established Change Management Unit. In this capacity he is responsible for taking forward the recommendations from a wide-ranging functional review of OCHA to optimize its role, functions, structure and processes for the challenges of the 21st century. Immediately prior to taking up this role Dr Aylward led the inter-agency process that resulted in the first-ever system-wide activation procedures for major infectious disease emergencies.

From December 2015 through July 2016, Dr Aylward led the design and implementation of far-reaching reforms of WHO’s work in emergencies, culminating in the launch of a new WHO Health Emergencies Programme, the most substantive reform in the Organization’s 68 year history.

From September 2014 through July 2016 he served as Special Representative of the Director-General for the Ebola Response, directing WHO’s over 2000 people response to the West Africa outbreak and providing strategic and technical leadership to the United Nations Emergency Ebola Response (UNMEER).

From 2011 through 2016, Dr Aylward also led WHO’s work in preparedness, readiness and response to humanitarian emergencies as the lead agency of the Global Health Cluster. During that time he managed a comprehensive restructuring of WHO’s work in humanitarian emergencies, aligning it with the Inter-Agency Standing Committee’s Transformative Agenda through a new WHO Emergency Response Framework that now governs the Organization’s commitments in and management of its emergency response operations.

Dr Aylward joined the World Health Organization in 1992 and worked for eight years in the areas of immunization, communicable diseases control and polio eradication at the field and regional levels in the Middle East, Western Pacific, Europe, North Africa and Central and Southeast Asia.

From 1998 to 2014, Dr Aylward led the Global Polio Eradication Initiative partnership, overseeing and managing its scale-up to operate in every polio-affected country of the world, deploy more than 6000 field personnel, develop new tools and vaccines, and reduce the number of polio-endemic countries in the world to just two.

A Canadian physician and epidemiologist by training, Dr Aylward is the author of over 100 peer-reviewed scientific articles and book chapters. He received his medical training in Canada, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.



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  1. British TV
    • Channel 4
      • Channel 4 News
        • Coronavirus: W.H.O expert explains mortality rate & threat to kids, after trip to Wuhan
          • Videos
            • Video #1
              Channel :- Channel 4 News
              Published On :- 2020-March-4th
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      • Countries around the world need to shift their mindset to preparing for an outbreak of the novel coronavirus and be ready to respond rapidly when it arrives, a top World Health Organization (WHO) expert said on Tuesday. Dr. Bruce Aylward, International team lead for the World Health Organization-China joint mission on COVID-19 held a news conference in Geneva and told reporters that China’s mobilization to handle the virus outbreak showed how aggressive policy steps could curb the disease’s spread.
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      • Video #1
        Channel :- Global News
        Published On :- 2020-Feb-25th

In Depth

British TV

Channel 4

Channel 4 News

Coronavirus: W.H.O expert explains mortality rate & threat to kids, after trip to Wuhan
  1. Mortality Rate
    • 3% mortality rate
      • High Mortality rate
        • If you don’t know what you are doling
        • If you are not taken care of your older population
  2. Get on this now
    • Take care of older population properly
    • You are going to have worse mortality expecting
  3. China
    • We can not try to extrapolate too much from china
    • China has a different mortality than the UK
    • China is really, really good at keeping people with this disease long enough to survive it
  4. Serious
    • You know this is a serious disease
    • serious dangerous disease
  5. Hard Science
    • Serious Illness
      • How many people are going to get seriously ill
      • and we have to put in ventilators
    • Mildly ill
      • Repurposed facilities
      • To make sure they are not going to be infecting others
  6. Management
    • manage this and bring your mortality down
    • you concentrate your resources
    • you shorten the time frame to ensure identification
  7. Went to China
    • Went their with bias
    • Respiratory pathogen
    • Population knew what they were looking for
    • They knew what this disease was
    • They could be isolated and taken care of very quickly
    • People
      • people were part of the solution
      • People were the surveillance system
      • we were not waiting for them to walk into the hospital
      • very well Informed population
    • Planned Capacity
      • Planned Capacity
      • Quarantine Them
      • take care of them for planned 14 days
      • 5 to 10 percent of them will develop into full blown illness and care
  8. We can not do what China did
    • Locked down 60 million people
    • Seriously concerned and disappointed if the country did not contemplate that
  9. Function
    • It is not a function of the virus how you respond
    • It is a function of the people
  10. Response
    • Jumping on these cases fast and getting them under control
  11. New
    • China
      • China had to this because they took their eye off the ball
      • And, so they had to take this draconian approach
    • Response
      • China
        • Well no one had seen this before
        • They had to isolate the virus
        • Make sure it is new
        • Make sure it is in fact new
        • Find out its transmission pathway
        • Test out different approaches
        • Now the rest of the world knows how to approach this thing
      • Other Country
        • To be fair to China
        • Every other country in the World has known about this for the last 6 weeks
        • And, we are still seeing it get out of control
        • That never happened in other parts of China afterwards
  12. Barriers to testing
    • Understand barriers to testing and identifying new candidates
    • Those barriers could be …
      • Are materials available in the right language
      • Does population know
        • Symptoms
          • They are are looking for a fever and a cough
          • Not a running nose
          • How
        • How to get tested
          • Well call your GP ( General Practitioner )
          • try to get through to him?
            • At Night
            • Or on Friday ( he is left for the weekend )
      • Incubation
        • You have left this infected person in the community for 3 to 4 more days
      • Goal
        • Shorten Discovery
          • Safe principal’s life by getting access to treatment
          • Deter others getting infected through association with infected
  13. Kids
    • Kids are very important part of our population
    • Personal
      • I have 1 of them
      • Thought you have four
    • Spring festival in china
      • 2 weeks vacation
      • And, that vacation has been extended
    • School cluster
      • Italy
        • No Evidence to support
    • Not overly studied it
  14. British
    • Number
      • 80 today
      • 50 yesterday
    • Clustering
      • Clustered Geographically?
      • Clustered In Time
    • Population aware
      • Getting there in time
      • Good Sign
  15. Personal responsibility
    • Wore a mask
    • Wash my hands every 30 minutes
    • Social Distancing
    • WHO’s recommendation
      • Evidence Based
  16. Mortality
    • Over 65
      • Very High
    • Over 80
      • Skyrocket

Global News

Coronavirus outbreak: WHO expert says countries must shift mindset to virus preparedness | FULL

  1. Approach
    • Systematic Approach ( 5 pieces to it )
      • Differentiated Approach
        • Degree of application is different
      • Mobilized community
        • individual duty
        • Shared responsibility and accountability


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