Stolen From


Aunty Texted

My Aunt Texted this morning.

Her Text read “your Sisi got stolen from.  Her phone and handbag was taken“.


Sister Texted

She says yes them __ stole her stuff.

And, she is walking to my other Sister’s house.

Along the way she was able to get an Obama Phone.

What to do ?


Well it is Sunday go to Church.

Asked how long it will take her to get dressed and ready for Church.

She said an Hour.


She called mummy to have her bail money ready.


Drove to the Valley

After Church got some prepared lunch that will last me the week.

Went to pick her up.

And, we went for a good and long drive.

Taco Truck Queen

To be honest, she is very low maintenance.

It used to be Jamba Juice.

Now it is Tacos.

Or Burritos.

Preferable from a truck.

She is not the sit down type.


Along the way I convince her to try something else.

She opted for Pasta.

The good thing about now a days is smart phones.

One can quickly Google on Italian Restaurants nearby.

She found one two minutes away.



Sister already warned me not to talk to anybody.

But,  I can not really help myself.

Asked what the waitress is mixed with.

She looked at me and said she guesses the hair is a dead giveaway.

She furthered she grew up with her mum side of the family.

Her paternal grandmother did not approve of cross breeding and refused to claim her.

The only person that stays in touch from her Dad side is her Dad’s brother, her uncle.

I asked if she is the only one from that union, she said No it is she and her Sister.

I smiled thinking after the first one, who would think the grandmother would have given up.

Asked how old she was when her Dad crossed over; she said two weeks.



That was enough room for me to hopefully give her a word of Encouragement.


Drove Back to the Hood

As we drove back home to the Hood, had sis take a picture.

Here is the one she took.




Dedicated to my Sister; for sharing her life with me.

And, to my wife and bride, for being.

She is one compassionate, strong, and sharing lady.

God really did a job on me on this one.

God finally has me boxed in.

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