Kobe Bryant



Sometimes in the middle of wanting it bad
Fighting so hard
The reason, the premise
Is sometimes lost

Pride is a funny thing
When one knows one is called
Others Called
Is sometimes lost

One just thinks I can do this
I can get it
My shoulders is big enough
Is Broad Enough


Laid Down

You were laid down a few ago
Befitting a family man
A fallen Hero
Only a few could and should see you lay down

History Month

Though you gone last
This month is yours


Do I

Do I perspire ?
No I am Kobe
I am good

Do I prosper?
Yes, but that is not why I do it
I was bred for this

There is

There is
There is a young kid
Out There
Wondering How Hard I should fight
Wondering How hard I should want it


I am Kobe

And, I am sure you are grinning
You are smiling
Devilishly So

And, I am sure
You are Saying I pushed it a little higher
Reach Higher
See I pushed it a little further
Reach Further
See I got called her out
And, I took the fault


Permission Granted

Permission Granted, I am Kobe
I am Kobe after all


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