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  1. Serita Jakes
    • Serita Jakes confronts a spirit
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        • First Lady Serita Jakes confronts a spirit after Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams preaches at the Potter’s House.
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          Channel:- Zion Callaham
          Date Published:- 2020-Dec-20th
          Date Demoted:- 2021-January-6th
          Demotion Reason:- Copywrite claim by T.D. Jakes Ministry
    • Bishop TD Jakes Shares Heartbreaking News About The Health Of His Beloved Wife Serita Jakes
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        • “Pay close attention to the present you are creating. What you build today should reflect the future you are dreaming of. Our God is orderly.”
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          Channel:- Star News
          Date Published:- 2020-August-18th
          Date Added:- 2021-January-6th
  2. T.D. Jakes
    • Pastor John Gray
      • Bishop TD Jakes Lays Hands and Prophesy Over Pastor John Gray @FBCG & GMCHC Leadership Conference
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            Worship Center:- FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF GLENARDEN
            Channel :- Robert Thurmond
            Date Published:- 2020-January-5th
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          • Loss your daughter
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            Worship Center:- Potter House, Houston, Texas
            Channel:- Good AMEllie Music
            Date Published:- 2020-January-20th
            Date Demoted:- 2021-July-27th
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          • Gospel singer Micah Stampley is brought to his knees as TD Jakes prays for him as he grapples with the loss of his daughter from a seizure in October 2019.
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          • Video #1
            Worship Center:- Potter House, Houston, Texas
            Channel:- Rebecca Johnson
            Date Published:- 2020-January-20th
            Date Added:- 2021-July-27th
      • Micah Stampley breaks down at TD Jakes’ church after losing a 15-year-old daughter
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          • I know what it is to serve and be hurting
            I know what it is to give out to other people and need strength myself…
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          • Video #1
            Worship Center:- Potter House, Houston, Texas
            Channel:- Gideon Ekukinam
            Date Published:- 2020-June-17th
            Date Added:- 2021-July-27th
    • Bishop T.D Jakes
      • Bishop T.D Jakes Saved From Death And Family
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          • God saved Bishop T. D Jakes and his entire family from a bomb that would have killed them all by him hearkening to the leading of the HolySpirit who prompted him to cancel a normal routine.
            God still protects his.
            No accident happens to us without an inner witness informing us.
            Learn to listen to the voice of the Holy spirit.
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          • Video #1
            Channel:- The Happy Whistlers
            Date Published:- 2019-January-8th
            Date Added:- 2021-April-14th


Serita Jakes

Serita Jakes confronts a spirit

  1. Torment
    • This right here
    • This is why we cannot go back to our seats
    • The Torment
  2. It is over
    • It is over
  3. Prayer Warriors
    • I need some prayer warrior
    • Arrest the Spirit
    • In the name of Jesus
  4. Stand
    • Stand him up
  5. Church
    • I need the Church to be the Church
  6. If
    • If we are going to be the Church, be the Church
    • If we are going to have power, have power
  7. Church
    • Now, I need the church to act like the Church
    • I need the church to be the Church
  8. You
    • You Good?
    • You Right?
  9. Name
    • Get his name
    • Get his real name
  10. Name
    • If God is going to write his name in blood, surely he can use a pen
    • All of that is use name, or a bunch of them
    • Guess what your name is now, Born Again
  11. Strike
    • I don’t bowl, but tonight we had a strike
  12. Don’t Go
    • Don’t Go playing with things you are used to playing with
  13. I
    • I am going to be looking for you
    • I am not who I used to be
  14. Clear
    • All minds and hearts are clear
  15. Holy Ghost
    • We do not have shenanigans going on when the Holy Ghost is moving


T.D. Jakes


  1. I pray that you leave here wet with the rain of the Lord fallen on your soul
  2. I pray that you get seed on the ground that you want to have harvest
  3. I pray that the hand of God rest upon you
  4. I pray that your good days outnumber your bad ones
  5. I pray that you reach safety inside and out
  6. I pray that your wild beasts be driven far and out
  7. I pray you grace of God, sweet communion of the Holy Spirit



Video Comments

Serita Jakes

Serita Jakes confronts a spirit

  1. professorrob
    • I like how she gave the mic up, some things don’t need to be said for the audience to hear
  2. Simone Heywood
    • She saw, she identified, she rebuked and cast down. Kingdom authority. Hallelujah
  3. Terra Fitchett
    • She did not come to play! This is what I’m talking about, she was on the stage and said “MOVE” and went down there herself and confronted that devil. Takes us back LORD GOD to this old time way, in the name of JESUS the CHRIST.
  4. A Rose and A Jewel
    • Make no mistakes about this saints. She can be this BOLD, ONLY because she has spent some serious time with God, praying, fasting and on her face before the Most High.
    • If you attempt this off charisma or good looks, or because you can mugg someone down with your facial expressions you will get mollywhopped.
    • This type of power only comes one way….surrendered heart, prayer and fasting and reading understanding and applying the word of God eeevvuuryday.
    • God bless you Miss Serita, and your legacy. I pray that this type of righteous indignation spreads throughout the church!
  5. Kam St Juste
    • I had no idea serita was a spiritual gangster 😭😭 someone tell her I need her to bully some spirits ova here 2
  6. Lillian English
    • Notice, when she asked for prayer warriors hardly no one made a move, but when she came down herself to pray, a lot of ppl gathered around to see what was happening. People of God this has to stop! Everyone wants to be entertained these days! When those spirits are being called out, y’all best to be pleading the blood of Jesus!!!! They have to go in someone else.
  7. Kim Jones
    • Lillian English I agree with you. I thought the same thing if you’re not anointed for that type of warfare stay back. In fact I was at a service as a teenager and a demon possessed man was in service he started disrupting the service and the Pastor called for anointed people only he said ‘ take the children out and if you re not saved leave’ they closed all doors. They stayed in there for hours. It’s nothing to play with. Sadly part of the problem is we don’t have church like that anymore. A lot of Minister’s don’t even have the power much less the anointing to do what First Lady Jakes was bold enough to do. Showboating and playing with God but He won’t be mocked!!!
    • Let me tell you something about this womsn of God. I went to one of TD Jakes first ‘ Woman Thou Art Loosed’ conference’s in New Orleans ( maybe 15 years ago). I was in the audience. Bishop Jake’s was preaching and from out of nowhere this woman starts approaching the stage. How she got passed all the security to get that close I don’t know. When I tell you she had the spirit and movement of a snake ( her walk) it happened so fast security couldn’t catch her. As she made her way up the steps ( now mind you this is a huge stage) Bishop jakes was near the end of the stage and her hand started reaching literally for his crotch. First lady Jakes got up from her seat and moved in the anointing to COVER her husband ( she didn’t rush or run her movement was graceful, Holy and positioned) she put up one finger and shook her head. No , not this man, you can’t have him! Bishop Jakes was so caught up in preaching the word he didn’t even notice how close this woman was to him before he even knew it she was there. But oh First Lady Jake’s was covering her husband so beautifully and purposefully from behind. She came stood in front of him and that spirit had to leave. I’ll never forget that moment. So her power here is no surprise to me. Notice dhe didn’t have to do all the theatrics ( taking off a coat and swooshing it over the audience, running back and forth across the pulpit making one side of the audience falling and then the other ( what’s that all about anyway) she came down stood toe to toe with him and stayed until deliverance came thru!!! ❤ it.
  8. Kenitha Marino
    • @kim jones when I was out in the world I was on heavy drugs Meth ,Heroin, Pills and I was shooting them up. My point is when I looked in the mirror I didn’t see me I saw the demonic demon in the mirror not me it scared me so bad I said God who else can see that so neither the last to say about a year later I got saved delivered set free and it was only because the grace of God no drug rehab couldn’t do it for me it was the grace of God
  9. Ricky Griffin
    • Bruhh this was flat out just straight up old school holiness church
  10. Ladenna Young
    • God is showing me these clips for a reason.
  11. Darius Sykes
    • She called for prayer warriors to confront a demon and none of them were ready. She had to take it upon herself because they would have simply let him walk off without change.
  12. Shelly Brown
    • I love this !!!! you don’t see ppl casting out demons anymore, you see a lot of ppl dancing and shouting and singing but you don’t see deliverance anymore, and what I love is that she didn’t give up, she kept it going until such time he was delivered and set FREE, I love when he fell out the first time she said “NOOOO, STAND HIM UP” she knew there was more work to be done and she would not let go or stop, I LOVE THIS !!!!!!!! and I love at the end when she said we don’t have shenanigans in while the Holy Ghost is moving, I love that !!!!! God used you First Lady Jakes


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