Can both fresh water and bitter water flow from the same spring?  ( James 3:11 )



James 3:11

…Out of the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, this should not be!

Can both fresh water and bitter water flow from the same spring? 

My brothers, can a fig tree grow olives, or a grapevine bear figs?

Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.…

James 3:11 [ Link ]


James 3:1

Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.

James 3:1 [ Link ]


Personal Reflection

I like the fact our Lord’s own brother plays clean-up.

To me, he is saying, I let everyone else have their say, but I feel like I have to say something here.

I don’t want the people of God to be deceived, to be easily deceived.

I owe it to you to point out the following:-

  1. Leaders
    • Leaders that have lost their first love
    • Leaders that are bought
      • Leadership that bought into the world’s care
      • Leadership that have lost their way on how to care for the Lord’s sheep
      • Stewardship that is now empty



  1. Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson
    • Love
      • Absolutely centrality of Love
      • We must love our people
      • The only people who will gather around you for truth are those poorly taught in scripture
  2. George MacDonald, Scottish author, and Christian Minister
    • Low Theology ( Link )
      • In low theologies, hell is invariably the deepest truth, and the love of God is not so deep as hell  ( Book Name:- George MacDonald from Robert Falconer )
  3. Jacob Prasch
    • Pride
      • The gifted are always in the crosshair of pride




Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers

… fountain send forth (literally, spurt) at the same place (or, hole, see margin) sweet water and bitter (i.e., fresh water and salt)?–A vivid picture, probably, of the mineral springs abounding in the Jordan valley, near the Dead Sea; with which might be contrasted the clear and sparkling rivulets of the north, fed by the snows of Lebanon. Nature had no confusion in her plans; and thus to pour out curse and blessing from the same lips were unnatural indeed. Or, again–


Pulpit Commentary

  1. Verses 11, 12. – Illustrations showing the absurdity of the conduct reprobated. From one principle opposite things cannot be produced. Nothing can bring forth that which is not corresponding to its nature.
    • (1) The same fountain cannot give both sweet and bitter water.
    • (2) A fig tree cannot yield olives, nor vine figs.
    • (3) Saltwater cannot yield sweetness.
  2. How, then, can the tongue yield both blessing and cursing? It will be seen that the thought in is different from that in Matthew 7:16, to which it bears a superficial resemblance.  ( Link )
  3. There the thought is that a good tree cannot yield bad fruit. Here it is that a tree must yield that which corresponds to its nature; a fig tree must yield figs and not olives, etc. So can no fountain both yield salt water and fresh.

Additional Materials

  1. Catholic
    • Pope Francis
      • Pope Francis:- “Be shepherds who smell like Sheep”
        Publisher:- HOMILY OF POPE FRANCIS, Saint Peter’s Basilica
        Date Published:- Holy Thursday, 28 March 2013
    • Steven A. Krueger
      • Crux – The catholic Pulse – Steven A. Krueger – Vatican article on ‘ecumenism of hate’ in U.S. was long overdue
        Publisher:- Steven A. Krueger
        Date Published:- 2017-August-2nd
    • La civilta Cattolica
      • The Sovereignty of the People of God
        Date Published:- 2019-September-26th
  2. Sinclair Buchanan Ferguson
    • Videos
      • Best Lessons from a Lifetime of Pastoring
        • Video #1
          Channel:- Desiring God
          Published On:- 2014-Feb-8th
      • Desiring God 2014 Conference for Pastors
        • Union with Christ: Mind-Renewing Foundations
          Channel:- Desiring God
          Published On:- 2014-Feb-8th
    • Words
  3. Pastor Jim Cymbala
    • Sermons
    • The Dangers of Pride In Ministry Jim Cymbala (The Story of David Wilkerson and Jimmy Swaggart)
  4. George MacDonald
    • George MacDonald, Scottish author, and Christian Minister


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