Young Warrior

Her Take

Her Journey

Her Journey
Her Journey is hard
Only Brother Got Called Home
In our last rain


Traded On


Heaven Sent like L’Trimm
Designated receiver hobbled and fumbled the blessing

Intercepted on Conception
Took a knee for Safety
But, stepped on the Wrong Toes
Hustled Out of Bounds
Now Free Agencing


You are My Big Bro
If everyone traded on me
Thought you will be here

You are pose to be Here
Save and Hold Me
Pull Me Back

Real One

Not Date Raping
Nor Date Tripping
Got her tipsy

Had her open up
Filling Up, Welling Up
On Tears


Strangers Danger

Strangers Danger
Or so it was taught me
But, all these laying down
How I supposed to tell strange ones apart


Ghost Living

All the storytelling
Hope it is to grow me

Well if I ever see a Ghost
Hope it is you

If I ever get jump
Someone pushing him off


Shortie, Sorry
I hit so late
Taking the back seat on this Transit

Missing and Nixing my Stop
Spitting on Bars
Surfing on flow


Listening to …

  1. Dave East – Godfather 4 ft. Nas
    • Videos
      • Dave East – Godfather 4 (Audio) ft. Nas
        Channel:- Dave East
        Published On:- 2019-Nov-13th
      • Dave East – Godfather 4 (Audio) ft. Nas
        Channel:- Dave East
        Published On:- 2019-Oct-19
    • Lyrics
      • Songtext.te
        • Lyrics by DJ Green Lantern, Nas, Dave East
          Music by DJ Green Lantern
      • Genius
        • Artist:- Dave East – Featuring Nas
          Produced:- DJ Green Lantern
          Album:- Survival
          Song:- Godfather 4


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