Watchmen – 01 – Personal Testimony


I have wanted to do a post like this one for a while.

And, so let us go!


Public Transportation

Holding Still

Using Public Transportation exclusively one comes in contact with lots of people.

In some ways, one has to be woke, a bit.

As I was coming home this afternoon saw a young man sitting still, while all around him, people couldn’t hold still.

I think there was a vomit or something of the sorts on the floor of the seats on the other aisle next to him.

The Spirit of the Living God pointed him out.

He looked straight ahead, watching without watching, held still, kept his composure.

Are you a Watchman ?

As we were leaving the station I asked him whether he was a watchman.  He said No; he is No Jehovah Witness.

I told him that is not what I meant.  I was not been exact.  I was more referring to his spiritual gifting.

I explained to him, how hard it is to engage folk these days.

No one wants to be spoken to.

He opened up a bit.

And, offered that yes it is hard; as people have it hard.


Keeping Composure

I asked him how he keeps his composure.

He said he is pretty easy going.

Long has his family is good. 

His money is good.

He is good

How is it being going ?

Well, he said he lost his mother 20 year ago.

His Dad 5 years ago.

And, just two weeks ago, is brother.

His Mother and brother timeline was around the same season.


He said he is Catholic.

When he goes to Church, he still sees his mother.

Her silhouette is familiar to him now.

Whenever she needs to talk, she speaks.  He listens.



He said when he shares the visitation with people, some think it is strange.

Asked where he grew, he said here.

But, his mother is from down South.

Alabama to be exact.

I agreed.

I agreed with him that those people down there, see it different.

They go deeper.



In Service

Have been wanting to thank Men and Women in uniform for a while.

Some are in service for the government.

Others are in service for the Living God.

Staying woke so if anything go sideways, they can give an honest, balanced account.

Especially these days, when people have more intimate and personal relationship with their cellphone and headphone than their fellow sojourners.

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