Angel Tree – 2019 – Gift Sorting



Gift Sorting

We have just about all the gifts we are going to get back received.

We took both days, Saturday and Sunday, to lock ourselves away and start bagging them.


Pray Over Them

As we were finishing up yesterday, we knew we need to pray over them.



Packaging gifts based on family.

Angels are picked and purchased for by Church Congregants.

Once the gifts are delivered to us, we have to package them based on the destined family.



  1. Family
    • Congregants
      • See, the gifts are picked and purchased by different congregants.
    • Packaging
      • But, they can not be delivered individually.
      • They have to let them go and allow them to be serviced as a group
      • We have to package them up
    • Delivery
      • The Delivery Drivers have to call the caretakers and arrange for delivery
  2. Prayer
    • At each step, we need prayer
      • Inside
        • It starts with the person on the inside
        • He is thinking about those on the outside
        • He wants them to know he is thinking about them
        • And, wants to connect with them
      • The Inside Church
        • The Inside Church is entrusted with this wish
      • The Ministry
        • The ministry does the paperwork
      • Church Congregants
        • Connects the Paper Angels with a soul
        • And, goes and purchases the gifts
      • Delivery Drivers
        • Calls the family
        • And, arrange delivery
        • Final Walk




Pastoral Care

Gratitude for Pastoral Care.

Thank God we sit under a leadership that takes John 17 as an admonition of what Priestly Care is about.


Each step has to be untaking with prayer.  There is no I in ministry.  The charge is to understand everything is based on prayers of parents, caretakers, and children.

Participants are just and only God’s tools towards answering that charge.


Offering Up One Self

Never leave!

I told you that I am He,” Jesus replied. “So if you are looking for Me, let these men go.

John 18:8 ( Link )


Luke Combs
Luke Combs – Even Though I’m Leaving (Official Video)

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