Like A Tree…


Cousin Pookie has been visiting for about two weeks.

It is always good having family around.

Last Weekend

Last weekend he took time to explain to me one can not quit drinking all of a sudden.  It has to happen slowly.

Last Night

Last night we made a beer run.

There are a couple of Afghans and Indian stores nearby.

It was an Afghan store during the first week of his visit.

For reasons he did not share with me, we have stopped patronizing the original store.

This week, we have twice visited a new store.

The store owner is East Indian.

Young Man

We got there and a young man stood ahead of us in front of the register.

Wifey has taught me repeatedly to avoid eye contact with people.

And, so I stood a safe 5 to 7 meters behind.

The young man was tall and willowy and his length and wingspan crowded out the Store’s register and Cashier.

Cousin Mookie and Store Owner

When cousin Mookie made it to the register, he engaged the Store Owner :-

  1. Store Owner
    • These Young Men!!!
  2. Cousin Mookie
    • What did he want ?
  3. Store Owner
    • Backwoods
  4. Store Owner
    • Complained and puffed heavily
  5. Store Owner
    • He grumbled
      • He almost knocked my door down
      • When he hasn’t smoked, he is a good kid
  6. Store Owner
    • But, once he starts smoking….
    • He is a walking tree


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