Do Ministry Without…


As I settled in and took in the breath and beauty of the room, we had booked, I was really impressed.

Impressed of the design, woodwork, and suppleness of it all.


In Thanksgiving

In thanksgiving to God, thought off all the care he has taken and is taken to ensure that I can do ministry.

Here are some of those care:-

  1. Spiritual Fathers
    • I think of the spiritual fathers he has placed in my life
    • The care they take to model the love of God to me
    • Them modeling husbanding and parenting
    • Thoughts on what they walked away from and demonstrating that life is livable upon walking away
  2. Love
    • In the book, it states that Jesus came in Love
    • In the New Testament, that love is demonstrated within a divine union ( Father, Son, and Spirit )
    • By my very make up, I know I cannot do ministry without a physical, emotional, and physiological partner
    • God answered my prayer
    • His people prayed to him for same in their lives, for their families, and in the lives of those they share ministry with
  3. Divine Meeting
    • I couldn’t do ministry without divine meetings
    • In John 10, it says Jesus left his disciples and took a different route to go meet with the Samaritan Women
    • He disarmed and undressed her
      • Disarmed her to show that her physical tries at marriage was not quite working out
      • Undressed her to show that her spiritual understanding of where ( Jerusalem ) and how ( without the spirit and a malleable truth ) was in-complete and fraught with risks
  4. Truth
    • I personally cannot do ministry without truth


Holy Spirit

I started this post wanting a nice simple list.

Confessionally, wanted to show gratitude for the nicety of the Hotel we had booked and we were now experiencing.

Truth in Ministry

Yet, the Holy Spirit is a preparer and a teacher.

Wifey feel ill.

And, the reason why the spirit wanted me to have a list became clearer.

By the morning, wifey and I had allowed the Spirit of God to reveal some hard truths.

We are both strong willed, yet we refused to allow what we stood to gain, to deny the other, the truth each one independently bore.

A life in ministry can only allow so many half truths.

God knows this and he acquaints those we share ministry with, the opportunity for truth and clarity.

It is up to us to follow his lead.



I am sure you have your list of what you can not do ministry without.

Mine is beauty, balance, and plainness.

Through the people you share ministry with, yours will likely expand, as well.

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