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  1. Chilling Miracle Of A Man Who Was Aborted 7 Times But Incredibly Lived (Jaw Dropping Testimony)
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        • Segment – Luke 3:1-3
          Date Published :- 2019-November-28th
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          Date Published :- 2019-November-20th
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In Depth

Chilling Miracle Of A Man Who Was Aborted 7 Times But Incredibly Lived (Jaw Dropping Testimony)

  1. Always used whatever God has given you
  2. Conflicting Perception
    • Conflicting perception of who God is, who jesus is
  3. Learning to Read
    • You have no business looking through the hole
    • Past tense of Go
      • Gone
  4. Schooling
    • High School
      • Entrance Exam
        • Passing exam with distinction
      • Spiritual Wounds
        • When you see people who do not smile, please do not take it personally
        • Odour
          • Bad body odour
          • No soap to bath with
      • Wound
        • Deep leg wound
        • Amputation
        • No financial resource to pay for the amputation
        • Loss strength in leg and was crippled
  5. Garage
  6. Brightest Light
    • The brightest light begin to
    • I am going to send you to the world
    • To reveal my son
    • The power of that voice began to move me
  7. Mother Alice
    • Mother Alice promise of prophecy
    • Give you a son
    • Going Home
      • My work is done
      • Going Home to meet Jesus
    • Prayer
      • The day is coming
      • Thousands of people will respond to Jesus through you
      • And, I will stand on the right side of God and I will say this is my son
  8. Relational Spirit
    • She taught me how to love
  9. Graduation
    • Principal raised his hands on me, and passed out
    • Assistant Principal raised his hands on me, and passed out
  10. Government Changes
  11. Pastor Visits for American Visit ( Segment 48 Minutes )
    • Man of God
      • Man of God said to go to America
      • Man of God reported his passport and letters of recommendation are missing
      • Disappointment of the brethren
    • Arrested
    • Ivory Coast Ambassador
      • Ivory Coast Ambassador Son had come to the embassy
      • And, saw me been pushed into the car per the arresting
      • Called his father
      • Spoken of well
      • No, I know this person
    • Cannot travel to the United States for 10 years
    • At times in the Hands of God certain things can go wrong
      • Though we are in his hands
      • But, God can still change us
      • He can remold us
  12. Dan Quayle ( Segment 51 )
    • Dan Quayle, vice president of the United States called
    • My daughter his sick
    • Doctors have discovered cancer in her and have given days to die
    • Holy Spirit spoke through the clay again
      • What is her hands
      • She is holding a glass of water in her hands
      • Drink that glass of water and every trace of cancer will disappear
    • Needed in America
      • Knock at the door
      • People from the America Consulate came knocking at my door
      • I said “I cannot go to America for 10 years
      • My visa thing is messed up
      • The Vice President needs you
      • Took me to one of the Air force bases
      • Took me directly to the White House
  13. Key Strategic People
    • Jesus began to affect the lives of key strategic people around the world
    • People
      • President Clinton
        • An issue will come up with a certain young lady
        • If you will give yourself to God, he will cover you
        • But, he took it lightly
        • Trusting in the security apparatus
        • Walked out of the meeting
        • Two months later the phone is ringing
          • Prophet we need you in the United States
          • The president want to meet you
          • The Lewinsky story has broken
  14. Biological Father
    • I told God I want to meet my father
    • God said you will meet him before he comes to meet me
    • But, till then I am your father, your Abba Father
    • I will continue to shape and mold you
      • Placing spiritual fathers over you
      • Christian fathers and mentors
      • Submit to me
      • Take my word
      • Grow under Godly Leadership
    • God propelled a mentor into my life
      • One thing after another
  15. Biological Mother
    • Holy Spirit said to get up as I will see my mother
    • She said
    • Prayers
      • 1 year, 2 months for my mum to see me
    • Jesus gave me grace to continue to use me
    • Test
      • If God is real
        • Get me out of this country for a week
      • Christian Missionaries
        • Christian Missionaries took her for a week
    • Bernard I am ready to give my life to Christ
    • Read and Write
      • I am 50 years it is too late to read and write
    • 52 years
      • Primary School exam
    • 56 years
      • Year
    • 60 years
      • First degree in Business Management
    • PHD in business management
    • Building a school
      • That will sit 7000 students
      • Almost 50% through
  16. God Began to do tremendous things
    • One thing to another
    • 7014 students that are connected and linked to families
    • Living with families
    • Millions of US Dollars spent each year
  17. Marriage
    • Jackie
      • Met a lady and married her
      • Her name is Jackie
      • On the honeymoon she pulled me aside and said I do not have a womb
    • God
      • How could you hide this, why God did you not tell me this, why did you not show me this
      • Why God you use me and show me so much with others
    • Mentor
      • Dad I am disappointed
      • Why did you not see it
      • To whom much is given, much is required
    • Thoughts
    • Clinic
      • Abortion had damage her womb
      • She will have a baby and her name will be called Miracle
    • Clinic ( Second Visit )
  18. Daughter
    • Miracle who is 9 years old
  19. Car Accident
    • Four ladies in the car
    • Only my wife died
  20. God is still good
    • Jesus is still alive
    • 3016 pastors under me around the world
    • I can understand
    • All things will work together for those who love God
    • Not an easy road through, but a Safe Landing
  21. Scripture
    • Luke – Chapter 3:1-3
      • Now in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar, Pontius Pilate being governor of Judaea, and Herod being tetrarch of Galilee, and his brother Philip tetrarch of Ituraea and of the region of Trachonitis, and Lysanias the tetrarch of Abilene,2 Annas and Caiaphas being the high priests, the word of God came unto John the son of Zacharias in the wilderness.3 And he came into all the country about Jordan, preaching the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins;
    • men with titles
      • These are men with titles
      • But, God bypassed each and all of them
      • And, reached for a lowly man in the wilderness
    • The most precious word in the world today is the word of God
    • John
      • a child of one of the 40 priests in the temple
      • A desert with no clear footpath
      • Life can be so confusion
  22. Thirsty
    • Your life is thirsty for only what God can buy
  23. If the word of God come to you, all things will change

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