Chuck Missler, The Life of a Teacher of the Bible


There are some things in life that are very, very difficult.

Inclusive is talking about Chuck Missler.

One can not talk about in him in totality; as one gets the feeling one is only able to capture small, minuscule pieces.



Here is some impressions he made on me :-

  1. Expository Reading and Preaching Matters
    • Wikipedia
    • Been able to go through the bible on a personal level, in a Church, or within a small group is very, very important
    • It is less likely one get swindled by modern day bible teachers; who overindulge in one area over the other
    • Looking at the whole also helps in contextual understanding
  2. Types Matter
  3. One can balance science, technology, business, and religious studies
    • Again this helps one become better rounded
    • Once again, less error based on how others present the bible and lead others under them
    • Guard against misappropriation of evil to science based on lack of understanding of Science and Technology


  1. Spyglass 2018 – Ron Matsen
    • Profile
      • Ron Matsen – President of Koinonia House – Delivering the closing session of the Spyglass Conference. You can see more about the conference at
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        Spyglass 2018 – Ron Matsen
        Channel :- Koinonia House
        Streamed live on 2018-Oct-27th

In depth

  1. The Cost of Discipleship
    • Luke 9:62
      • Then Jesus declared, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and then looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” ( Link )


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