God Has Wings

Grand Pa

One of my earliest experiences as a Child
Is seeing my second youngest uncle
Come over that morning

He will wait till my Dad finishes his breakfast
And, then he let it down gently
His Dad, my Grand Dad
Went Home to Glory

I already knew
Before the Angels gave him his own wings
Same Angels said “Quickly go out in the Spirit
And, bade your goodbyes


In those rumble college days
Never too Late for anything
Never too Early for nothing

Patrick got me up
He said Bro drop me off at work

Dropped him off
On the way back
The Car crossed the Red

Next thing I knew
Is Me Picking Me Up from God’s soil

No seat belt
Flew through the Window

See it vividly through this day
All of my LIFE rolled out for me to see


The lady that will come to be wifey
Our lives was hundred miles adrift
God’s wing lifted us
Smashing us into each other’s embrace


Before he could hurt that girl
Have her without consent
God lifted her Spirit
She will never feel the Hurt
Never take the pain



  1. Trey Songz
    • Set of Wings
    • Top of the World


Trey Songz

Set of Wings

Lookin through my bible, searchin for a song to sing.
Heard a beautiful man done passed away.
And I really wonder why Lord, did you take him from me.
See heaven’s the only place that he needs to be.
And I know that you never felt pain, pain like you feel today.
Please remember this when I say, you got a set of wings today.

Top of the World

Women, please check for sun, more than stilettos
And young girls, make this young niggas respectful!
If I was your father, I’d never neglect you
So a nigga like me probably never met you
Pray some special, and I’m happy I met you

You made me promise, and I’m honest, try not to forget you!
Bond growing stronger with the brothers that look up to me
It’s more important than whatever that they fuck with me
Luckily my angel speak to god, like what’s up for me
My heart beat for the people who carry the love for me.

If he want it I give him cash, I do it reluctantly
But that’s my nigga, I’mma put it back upon his feet
And is he far, he can still come right back to me


Dedicated to all those living less than they could, they should
Don’t let anyone ever look down at you
You likely had your wings already
Just living out them dry years


My Love

Having him means I got a beat
Having her means I can freestyle on this

Love, my wings are measured and draped
somewhere & somehow

In these skies

Yet, love, the days we live
The Nights we hold out for
I know it is only through God’s Will
His Wings

Your yielding embrace
My longing caress
His Wings Covering the 2

Bro, I get to reel it real
She ran it by him before Saying Yes
And, that means
More Than a trillion other meaningless Yeses

Often Saying
Stating ain’t worried about it

Knowing what she prayed for
No wind swishes her

Loving outside my pay
Ways outsize my looks range
Marrying outsize my timezone

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