Derek Prince :- Covering in Fellowship


Life is tough.

We are faced with multiple decisions each day.

Decision Markers

As those decisions are being made one of the things to consider is how isolated each decision is.

Have you giving yourself an opportunity to have others weigh in?

Is the decision yours and yours alone?


Covering in Fellowship

I like Derek Prince’s side note here….

Derek Prince – Fellowship & Covering



Derek Prince

Derek Prince – Fellowship & Covering

  1. Under Leadership
    • Known to the Leadership
    • Recognizing to him the Leadership
    • Available to him the ministry of the Leadership
  2. Messages Sent
    • In Book of Revelations, 7 messages sent
    • Only Sent to the Church
    • Anyone who is not a member of the Church, did not receive the message
  3. Mountain Goats
    • Pride
      • Way out and ahead of the Herd
      • And, that is a dangerous place to be
      • Humbling to submit oneself to Human Authority
      • God Blesses the Humble, and he resists the Proud
      • Now you have to choose
      • Exception
        • There are exceptions
        • Don’t be an exception if you should be part of the rule

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