Google Drive – Buying additional storage


Emails to a close friend has been bouncing back.

Thankfully he himself brought it up.

He said his Google gmail account is full.

He furthered that he tried to clean it up a bit, but he did not make a dent.

And, so he stated that he went ahead and created a new email account.

Additional Storage

Buy new Storage?

I asked him whether he is amenable to buying new storage.  He said Yes, but he wasn’t quite sure how to.

Help Research

I told him I will help him research how to do so.

I have had plenty of my own research these last few weeks.

And, so only now getting to it.



  1. Go to Google Drive
  2. Review Drive Distribution
  3. Review available plans
  4. Choose Upgrade Option
  5. Select Payment Plan

Go to Google Drive

Please use any of the URLs listed below to access Google Drive’s Storage Page.

Here are the URLs :-

  1. ( Link )
  2. ( Link )


Review Google Drive Utilization Distribution

Once Google’s Drive Storage page is accessed, please review your utilization.

Here is what mine currently looks like.



  1. Google Drive
    • Uploaded documents
      • Microsoft Word Files
      • Shared Google Spreadsheets
  2. Gmail
    • Emails
  3. Google Photos
    • Photos shared with family and friends


Review Available Plans


Here are some of the commonly available plans


  1. Free
    • 15 GB
  2. 100 GB
    • Monthly Billing :- $1.99 / Month
    • Yearly Billing :- $19.99 / Year
  3.  200 GB
    • Monthly Billing :- $2.99 / Month
    • Yearly Billing :- $29.99 / Year

Choose Option

Stay at Free Option of 15 GB.

Or Upgrade to 100 GB or 200 GB.

Or to one of the extra sizes

Payment Plan

Please  choose whether to pay monthly or yearly.





Please choose a payment plan.

And, choose whether to use an existing credit card account profile or to creating a new one.

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