Evangelism & Advocacy


On Tuesday, Wifey asked via text, “Did you Write“.

I said No, but I will think of something to write on.

Let us go!

Our topic is evangelism.


Here are some of my experiences with advocacy.

Crossing the Streets Midstream

Quite a few years ago, a good man pulled me aside and said please do not continue to cross the street just anywhere.

He said “Please go to the crosswalk and wait for the walk signal“.

He continued “People know you work for ____ and it doesn’t speak well for us,  for you to walk any how“.

I thought it was so endearing that he opened up and showed vulnerability.  And, let me know how I was hurting our corporate posture and branding.


Job Interview – Position Change Midstream

I remember another time, I was in the most important job interview of my life up to that point.

The Director made me feel comfortable and said his needs are not as important as the needs of my future co-workers.

That loosened me up a bit.

The organization had recently splitted his department in to two.  One will be more operationally focused, and the other will do more Engineering.

The Operation team will deal with the day to day workload.

And, the Engineering will cater to more long term planning.

The delineation allowed me to see a few more plains than I was used to seeing.


House of Worship

I think the same thing happens at Houses of Worship.


One will have a pastor who gets the public face. He gets to preach.

Behind him sits the elders who diligently work on the vision, coalesce around mid and long term planning, and generally take the pulse of the congregants.


Things that seem happenstance such as Hymn Singing likely takes on the same pattern.

Guided on what will be preached, Choir Directors look for that anointing and congruent hymn.

Sound Masters work further behind, invisible to everyone.

Personal Note

I find myself with less and less time.

Thinking and being aware of what I am doing.

Is there long term value to it.

What is day to day stuff.

And, what things are more modeling, evangelism, and advocacy.


As a Light

I have so much admiration for friends who are engaged in life important things.  And, feel so blessed that God has placed them, their vision, and dexterity as light for me.


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