The Timing on This Girl

Arranged Marriage

Wifey and I met through mutual acquaintances.

We knew some of the same people.

As I looked through their friends list, I was drawn to this regular looking girl.

We started texting and something about her drew me in.

I had no withholding, but to ask to see her.

She said it is not quite possible as she is hours away.

I guessed on a few places that are away, yet un-weary.

Each time I will say this place or that place, she will say No.

Finally she fessed.

Convince Me

I remember her words even now.

She said convince me.

She said “I am dead on men.  Men are Dead to me.

But, for you, I will let you try.

She sensed, “You seem nervous“.

Undocumented, something I can ruffle up, and place back to my liking.

To borrow the words of my favorite rapper as of a few months ago

This it to all the girls who traded on me

Something about

been down on himself just this past September

 Somewhere else he said

Now she is a free Agent


Two Hours Late

The first time we seen she made me wait two hours

Something about her over sleeping

When I saw, I knew she was the one

I wrote the book on She is the One

But, this time, she was the one cause it wasn’t my choosing

God said you have poor dating choices

And, he chose the choosing all to himself


She Wakes Up An Hour or Two

‘Cause of Seasons and TimeZones she wakes up on hour or two before I do

Yet, she wakes and waits for me

She knows when I wake

As a fresh brew coffee

Is her Hello, How are you doing ?

Did you sleep well?

I know she seen the day ahead of me

But, she don’t rub it in

She does not tell me all I have missed

She waits and wants to know if I am good


Lay our lives together

Love means laying lives together

This evening we laid another stick on the little fall hut we are building

I got the conversation started with the middleman

As we were wrapping things up, connected her, to get her acquiescence

But, the line wouldn’t hold

And, so lost her

Later in the evening connected her

As the man got everything together, he said you know what

Your timing is great

We only only have monthly shipments and it goes out today, this evening

By tomorrow, you can confirm online



  1. Maxwell
    • This Woman Work
  2. Tears for Fears
    • Head over Heels
  3. Saturday Night Live
    • Live Report SNL
      Channel :- Saturday Night Live
      Published On :- 2016-Oct-1st

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