Jalen Ramsey On “What Went Wrong with Jacksonville Jaguars”


CB Jalen Ramsey explains where it all went wrong with Jacksonville Jaguars.

Ramsey — who was incredibly successful in Jacksonville — is an emotional player who clearly enjoys himself on the field, though he’s well spoken and seems very genuine.

… No player — or human for that matter — wants to be slighted by people they trusted, and for no reason nonetheless

In the end, it all worked out as the Jaguars received hefty compensation for Ramsey.


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One can always look to God and blame him for creating complex, emotional beings.

To me, in some cases, management comes to work, and try to understand employees,  solicit input, participation, and buy-in from various channels on how to deal with and get what they want from key members of the organization.

In some cases those efforts are successful.

While in others the efforts are not successful.



Credit Jalen Ramsey for opening up yet again and placing in the public space “what made him feel some kind of way“.

And, also to Bro, Ryan Clark, for creating and safeguarding a sacred space for Jalen.


Child of God

Wanted and Opted to do this post,  before seeing these young men Twitter Accounts…


It should not take a lot to pick up on kinship….Child of God.

Feel me, can’t be on the street and not pick up on family lines and trees.

Forget the rest of these distinctions, few and many try to congregate under.


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