PostgreSQL – v12 – Installation/Upgrade on MS Windows


PostgreSQL Version 12 was released On October 3rd, 2019.

That is about two weeks ago.

Since then I have wanted to upgrade our Development instance from Version 11 to Version 12.

Release Notes

A brief summary of the Release Notes are available here.




Here are the steps we will take :-

  1. Artifacts
    • Download artifacts
  2. Shutdown current Instance
    • If postgreSQL instances are running on same box and sharing same network port, please shut them down
  3. Launch installation
    • Through the artifacts start installation
  4. Post Installation Review
    • Review services through MS Windows Service Applet
    • Configuration Files


Artifacts are available from here.




Here are the artifacts available for Version 12

  1. Mac OS X
  2. MS Windows
    • Bitness
      • Windows x86-64
      • Windows x86-32


Services Management

To allow graceful installation of the new version, let us go shut down any currently running PostgreSQL instances.


MS Windows

On MS Windows, we use the services applet ( services.msc ), to manage services start and stop.

Same can be accomplished through the sc.exe utility from the command line.

MS Windows – Services Management ( services.msc )


Installation Steps


  1. The initial screen is the Welcome Screen
  2. Installation Directory
    • Please choose a directory\folder that matches your organization standard for user application binaries
  3. Select Components
    • Here are the components
      • PostgreSQL Server
        • Yes, we want the server
      • pgAdmin 4
        • Administration Utility
        • Yes
      • Stack Builder
        • GUI for downloading and installing modules
        • Yes
      • Command Line Tools
        • Yes
  4. Data Directory
    • Once again, please choose the folder that your organization has set up for storing data
  5. Password
    • Enter and confirm a password for the postgres user
    • The postgres user is the so called root or administrator user in postgreSQL parlance
  6. Port
    • Network Port
    • PostgreSQL default network port is 5432
  7. Advanced Options
    • Default Locale
      • We chose to use the targeted system’s locale
      • Other locales are available; please review the list
  8. Pre Installation Summary
    • Please review each of your chosen options
  9. Ready to Install
  10. Installing
  11. Complete


Image – Welcome


Image – Installation Directory


Image – Select Components


Image – Data Directory


Image – Password


Image – Port


Image – Advanced Options


Image – Pre Installation Summary


Image – Ready to Install


Image – Installing


Image – Completing




Installation of PostgreSQL is not a so called upgrade in place.

An install does not bring your current configuration, data, security permissions, extensions with it.

You have to do those thing yourself post an install.

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