Did you Sleep Well ?

When wifey is travelling and away, she texts me around the time I usually wake, and asks did you sleep well?

She knows I will be honest, and she expects I will be.

And, so that draws me into looking back at the last 6 to 8 hours of my existence.

And, give her a summary account of those precious hours when and while they are fresh.

And, I will say, I slept well.

And, woke up once or twice for a bathroom break, to read, study, or this or that.

Did you Write?

This morning she texted and asked same question?

Did you sleep well?

And,  I said yes.

With smart phones it is not so hard to keep abreast of time text sent, email replied to, etc.

And, so I was able to tell her, this morning I was up around 2 AM.

And, went back to bed around 5:40 AM or so.

She asked did you write?

And, I said No.

Not really.

I had stayed up, debugging and squabbling with a software program.

Needs to Know Me

But, I also know, she needs to know me.

She needs to know me more than she did yesterday.

She needs to know if my love for her has grown.

If my love has grown testimonial

If it has grown confessionally

If my dependency on her has grown to be more needy

She needs to know if I need her more than I did yesterday

If I am able to let go of more than I was able to let go of just yesterday

And, I am

And, you know what, I am

And, you know what, I am

Not because she asks me

Not, because she forces out of me

But, because she deserves it


She has made allowance for me to grow

Space for me to grow

Place for me to grow into

More of Me

She has giving up more than she did just yesterday

She has gone to God and asks more of me

Gone to God and ask more for me

She has gone deeper in her ASK

Groan deeper in her ASK


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