Daddy Issues


Somethings are better left unsaid.

And, our subject material, Daddy Issues, is one of them.


El Papa

I have many, many issues.

Thankfully to the most high, El Papa, is not one of mine.


I grew up under my GrandPa.

He treated me far better than his own children.

They knew who was loved.

They knew who got GrandPa’s ear.

And, they knew not to cross him.

It takes a village

Later I got up under my biological parents.

Somehow my biological parents, uncles, and aunts knew we were bad children and we will need all of them.

Later found out God’s parenting, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the same.


Church Parent

Now I am a steward of the church.

And, you know how that goes.

The most loving couple from the Church took me in and again treating and loving me far better than theirs.

Something about when God himself lays a burden on us.



My manager at work led us through a meeting this week.

He shared with us his burden as a loving and caring Dad.

And, he asked us how we felt about our own family.

It was a “Come to Jesus” Moment.

He told us how he felt.

We shared with him how we felt.

He came down on one side.

And we, to a man and woman, came down on the other side.

And, that is how it is supposed to be.

Your fears are not meant to be your children’s.

Your Love and your Labor are used by God to allow them to prepare and face the world a bit less overwhelmed.

Yes, later it might be found to be youthful sight, but for a while, it is useable by God.

I hate it when parents and managers entrust their limitations to their children.

Yes, don’t hide it from them.

But, don’t force them underneath it.

They are going to have their own limitations and need every tool to get past your impediments.

The world is becoming more complex, intertwined, and competitive.



Knowledge of your limitations and training on it, will not be nearly enough to get them past it.

Nor have them face theirs.



Whatever religion you sit under, I hope it finds a way to model parenting.

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