Colicchie – Hold On Pain Ends ( HOPE )


This is for my new Sister, Damara.

She lost her sis when that ghost pressed the wrong pedal


  1. Colicchie – Come Back Home
    • Colicchie ” H.O.P.E ” Hold On Pain Ends
      Channel :- Colicchie
      Published On :- 2016-June-22nd


Colicchie – Come Back Home






I remember when I did not have a dollar to my name
She got to be special, if I am saying I love her

I only thought about myself that time I fell

Trust me, when I say I hit a lot of rock bottom this past year

I am done taking, now I got to be a servant
Look I never needed cover

I gotta go to any length to make her smile

I don’t need that validation like I did when I was younger

Why am I alive when I know I am under dirt

I remember when I did not have anywhere to go
Dripping wet, sitting in the rain


How do I hope for better
I know things will get better


Hook – Response

You got have a dream
And, you gotta chase it
Till you catch it

You got have hope
Hold On, Pain Ends

You got to never give up

You just pray


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