Moving Day / 2019-Oct


One of the good things about being part of a big family is someone is always moving.

A couple of weeks ago, Sisi called me and said she will be moving and she will like for me to help.


It just so happens that our cousin Mookie is the most reliable kin.

He had come to visit me for the weekend, and so I laid it on him that we will have to go help Sisi move.

He does not say No.


One always has to wonder about people who say the same thing, over and over.

Did not make it home till 2:15 am on Sunday morning.

And, so there goes the good look of getting up at 6 am.

He woke me up at 8:30 am.

Old Clunker

I can not trust my old clunker around town, less to talk of a road trip.

Went to the airport to get a rental.

But, a maxed out credit card, wouldn’t oblige.

It reminded me again of how I wasted my Saturday.

Trusted Prayer

I said to God, Sisi’s prayer must really be strong.

How else to explain not giving up and going back home, but trying this old car on a 4 hour journey.

Climbing Mountains

Climbing mountains is not my thing.

As that road got steeper, I said Mookie you gonna have to come drive.

Made it to town

Home Depot

Made it to town and went to Home Depot to pick up moving boxes.

Her room mate had told her, we likely needed 8 boxes.

I doubled the count and got sixteen medium size boxes and some tapes and a good tape gun.

Old Harbor

Thanks goodness for these smartphones.

Finding her old house was easy.

Neatly Arranged

Met her old roommate and he showed us the garage.

Yes, the garage was half way packed

But, her things were neatly arranged.

Must have had 45 shoes boxes.

Outfits and clothes were well hanged in dry cleaners garment holders.

Stacked the Boxes

Mookie prepared the boxes. And, I lazily filled them halfway.


Phone Calls

Called both Amtrak and greyhound.

Worn out by long waits on hold, inconclusive shipping prices, and how many boxes we can actually ship.

I Said to me, just go to Greyhound and ask for yourself.


Drove to greyhound.

Just my luck.

Young man was been told that because of the ruckus he had caused on the bus, he will not be riding on it.

His girlfriend begged him over and over that they should leave.

5 to 7 minutes later, he saw he will not be able to convince the Police Men to let him ride.

I was really impressed with the patience of the Police Men.

Only one of them spoke, as the others stood at bay; never making the young man feel the least bit uncomfortable.

Once the conductor was freed, he explained that because we were in the mountains, we will not be able to ship through greyhound.

He said he has compared the prices and that UPS compares favorably.


UPS Pickup Station

Raced to UPS, but found out that it was not manned.

It was just a drop off station for smaller packages.


UPS Store

Knowing that UPS purchased Mail box, etc a few years back, googled for UPS Store.

Found one that stays open till 5 PM.

Raced there and the lady and gentlemen quickly took us.

10 to 15 minutes later the first 6 boxes were done.

Went back to the house and picked up the rest of the boxes.  May be 8 boxes.

Thanks goodness Mookie did not go;  the empty passenger seat was prudent.

Made it back to the UPS Store at 4:40 PM.

Our new friends weighed everything and promise to package and box them for us.

Mookie had shared that we were staring at another four hours journey on the back pane.


Way Back

Pulled Over

Got pulled over by cops on the way back.

Something about my license plate.

Mookie got a stern mouthful about driving upon drinking; even if it is just one beer.

I told the cop that Mookie did not want to drive and he was only doing it for me; as I am unable to drive those mountains.


A Good Monday

Mookie’s Phone

Mookie had lost his phone on Saturday night.

Thankfully he either called the phone and someone picked it up.  Or they called his last dials.

Somehow contact was made and I was able to go retrieve the phone after work on Monday.

Second Life


As I stood in line for medication at CVS, made small talk.

The guy ahead of me said No, he does not do Salamu alaykum; as he is Sikh.

Yes, Sikh and muslims both do turban, but he explained it is a different turban.

He also referred me to the wristband.

Eye Operation

His eye were covered from an operation he had earlier that day.

As we met again in the checkout counter, I asked him if his medications included pain killers, he smiled No.


He looked at me and said No, he does not need them.

Twenty years ago, he was riding a bike and got ran over by a car.

He quietly withstood a coma for 4 months.

And, so a little eye operation is nothing.



This one is for our families.

Mum, who is on her knees each night, hoping her son is living well and is making good decisions.

I can hear her now, all these other stuff is not important, as long as I have raised good sons; I don’t worry about the girls.

Wifey who likes short, sweet stories.

She reminds me, you know I have attention deficit disorder, and so please make it short.

And, my sister, who knows how she is living, and knows God got her.

I know your family is the same; all of God’s own is similar and familiar.


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