Being A Critic


I wanted to write an upbeat post, but knowing if I did, I will not say this post.

And, so let us do some house cleaning.


Life has many ups and downs. Many twists and turns.

In life’s journey, we pick up many good and some not good dispositions.


Not so sunny dispositions

When fraught with some not so good things in life, we are more likely to pick up on some not so good coping tools.

One of those tools, is being a critic.

But, if truth be told, sometimes we become more critical based on being far more successful than our contemporaries.


Let us touch on some tools than can help stem the tide.

  1. Spirituality
    • Pick up some spirituality and make sure it is one that addresses some of life’s imbalances
  2. Practice Meditation
    • Reflect on the options that you actually have
  3. Sleep Well
    • Force Sleep time on yourself
    • Get sleep, get re-awakened to sleep
  4.  Eat Well
    • Eat your salad
    • Eat your vegetables
    • Eat your fruits
  5. Do not over
    • Do not over eat
    • Do not over drink
    • Do not over indulge
  6. Do not over rely on others
    • There approval
    • There time
    • There money



In summary, my friend, see what you are losing or stand to lose by being a critic.

Choose not to lose, nor continue, to lose those things.

And, finally seek what will help you cope better.

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