PostgreSQL – v12 – Release Notes


PostgreSQL version 12 was released yesterday, Thursday 2019-Oct-3rd.

Features and Enhancements

Here are some of the enhancements.

  1. Performance
    • Index
      • B-tree Index
        • Indexes utilize up to 40% less storage compared to Version 11
    • Statistics
      • More reliable statistics on non-uniformly distributed datasets
    • Table Partitioning
      • Better partition elimination when querying limited subset of the data
      • More performant partition table data import when loading data using the insert and copy commands
      • Adding new table partitions does not impact user sessions
    • Just in Time Compilation ( JIT )
      • LLVM
        • Using LLVM technology, queries can be reviewed and compiled to be better performant
  2. Data Integrity
    • Page Check sums
      • Page Checksum on offline clusters to ensure data integrity
        • This feature can now be enabled and disabled on as needed basis
  3.  Administration
    • Index Management
      • Index Rebuilding
        • ReIndex Concurrently
          • Ability to rebuild index online
          • User sessions can continue to access and update the Index that is being rebuilt
    • Security
      • Authentication
        • During authentication, support for user credential encryption
      • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol ( LDAP )
        • LDAP server discovery

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