A Day Get Away


Lately, I have been biting with no bite to it.

Just easily bothered.

Internally, I knew it was nobody else but me.

Yet that did not help the way it was actualized externally.


I know part of it is low energy.

I just did not have energy.



The best advice is the one you take.

And, so as I remarked to Brother Malik ( Link ), when one is living in a world that one does not increasingly understand and starting a band is aged out, then do the next best thing.

Join a gym or even further, take to the outdoors.

In my case, after more than 6 dormant years, walked into my old gym, older and overweight, but I figured with baggy work-out clothes no one will claim to know me.



A two day weekend was not enough. And, so by lunch yesterday I started looking up tickets to get a full day drive away.

A friend suggested Spa.

Via Google Search, found a flight.

Did not need a rental car as there are shuttle connections.


Could hardly get any sleep.

Finally around 4 drugily got out of bed.

Hurriedly finished parking.

My beloved public transportation is not yet woke, and so drove to the Airport.

Got economy parking.

Checked lone travelling bag in.

Got on the boarding line as they called Queue 2.

Mine is Queue 4.

And, so enough time to dash to the bathroom.

Complimented the gentle man who took time to brush his teeth.

+Relaxed +Refreshed

And, so there you have it, 2:38 PM on a Monday afternoon, I am less edgy and agitated.

Actually, I feel Heaven has helped moved the pendulum so far;  for me to say +Relaxed and +Refresh.



A saying from Pastor Pat Schatzline ( Link ) goes :-

A teacher always keeps quiet when a student is been tested.

God deals with each of us in unique ways.

He is not looking for a pattern to be replayed.

But, for each person to train his heart and desires.

And, sometimes that gets manifested through discernment; understanding and aligning with his will.


When the noise in your ear is too much to bear, just ease away.



Listening to :-

  1. Divorce Court
    • Full Episode- Jackson Vs. Chatmon: #DisappearingAct

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