Malik Yoba on Attraction & Sexuality


Confessionally listen to too many YouTube videos.

Based on listening habits, one of the channels whose videos are often suggested to me is “Dawson Speaks TV“.


Dawson Speaks

Here is the video that I watched :-

Malik Yoba Reveals He Is Attracted To Trans-Women: ‘I Love ALL Women

I really, really like the way that Dawson managed the segment.

He spoke to Malik’s engagement with the community; his volunteer work.


Personal Take

Professional Portfolio

One of my all times favorites is Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo in the TV Series New York Undercover ( Link ).

And, his narrative work on Justice By Any Means ( Link ).

Handle with/in care

Because of my esteem for his work, but more so for how he respects his character and subject material, I have to show that person-hood that much care.

Personal Being

September is his birthday month.

The surname, Yoba, tracks back to Burkina Faso.

And, so it is all love homie.


Attractions are that.  They are attractions.

We draw into things.  Things draw us in.

We develop taste and affinity for things.

It builds on itself.

The more we take in, the more it develops and evolves.

Living Our Truths

Refusing to live our true self, leads to mental anguish.

And, that is never good.

It is not a place, nor a destination anyone should live for long.


Feeling Well

We owe it to each other to feel well.

When I say feel, I mean sense when each other is broken, is teetering.

We have to offer that person a safe place to be themselves.

As George Michael will say “Listen Without Prejudice“.


Finding the Truth

We have to find truth in things.

Understand temporal needs and feelings.

Allow each other to engage self and seek self truth.

When they find those truths engage them in it.

And, not just engage them so that we can wrestle them out of it.

But, so that the soul of that person can be nourished, and not famished.


Bending to Change

Change does not come easy.

And, there is not much as uncomfortable as someone bending over us to see if we will change.

No one is likely to change while been watched over.


Having offered that personal take, Depth is needed, as well.


Truth is multi-faceted.

There is self truth, family truth, communal truth, and spiritual truth.

Like all things involving others, one can not look at it from a lone perspective.


Because of the multilayered communal and soul relationships we find ourselves, God calls each of us to do some of the following :-

  1. Wait, listen, and Hear from him
  2. Struggle with different opinions and advice
  3. Pray for each other
  4. Give and Receive Care
  5. Work Hard so that we can have a little bit to give
  6. Live with each other and within boundaries
  7. Live Well so that we don’t speak, but our lives can be observed and modeled


Taking Care of Self

Family, let us take of self.


There is so much in life that we carry around.

Going to the gym and working it out, takes so much off of us.

I just needed to go the gym.


Sometimes it is just leaving it all behind, going to the woods.  To the forest.

The Adam in us needs that.


Yes, I needed the advice.

But, once I walked away and heard me, I was good.

I found me.


Having People

Do care

Bro, I hear you.

I am with you

We are losing too many to unheard cries and whispers behind their back

If one thing, you know ____ do care about you

And, you don’t have to do too much

You have already done enough

You already doing enough

Self Worship

In an era, where so many are into self worship

Flex Worship

Here is to a brother, who says I don’t need that

I was raised different

And, I am grassing different

For that I will speak up, when a young man is being shamed for feelings



Going to the gym and allowing our bodies to sweat takes so much out of us.

And, it gives us back that meanness.

Our lives have so much strangeness; things we can not do anything about.

We have a lot of things we wait on.

And, it belittles us into thinking we can not do anything.




As you have us….

My prayer is that God will say I have you

And, your waiting is worthy

It is not betrayer, it is not treasonous.

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