Witchcraft & Governance


This is a difficult subject material.

But, each one of us encounter problem areas in our lives.



  1. Pastor John A. Kilpatrick
    • Witches cast spells against ‘wicked’ Trump
      • Profile
        • Alabama pastor John A. Kilpatrick calls for prayer against witchcraft, for Trump
      • Videos
        • Video #1
          Channel :- AL.com
          Published on :- 2018-August-22nd
  2.  Fox
    • Fox News
      • Witches cast spells against ‘wicked’ Trump
        • Profile
          • People who identify as ‘witches’ have apparently conjured spells they believe will help protect the world from President Trump’s agenda. Who knew Trump could make witches great again?
        • Videos
          • Video #1
            Channel :- Fox News
            Published On :- 2017-Sept-19th


Please continue to pull back.

Have the Lord order your steps.

Pray, take wise counsel, have discernment, and nourish on Godly care.


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