Hit A Lick


This time last week, this little lady came out of the train, pointing at a young man running down the elevator.

She was pointing him out saying he just took, he just stole my phone.

I felt so bad for her.

Hit a Lick

To him, he just hit a lick.

To her

To her …

  1. I need that phone
  2. I really needed that phone
  3. That is the only one I have
  4. I am just now getting use it, I depend and rely on it


To Others

To Others …

  1. You just look away
  2. The advantages of being young
    • Not being able to look too much into things
    • Not having to look too far into things


My friend

I think back to my friend.

She fessed to me, having to tell her young boys, they are colored, how they just can’t go into stores and act any kind of way.


Station Man

As I got off the train, I told Judge what just happened at the station a couple of stops back.

He lamented that most of all, it is what it does to her psychic that hurts him.

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