WordPress – Default Category


Noticed some of our published posts are categorized “Uncategorized“.

Change the Default Category

Let us go change our default category.


To change the default category, please take the following steps :-

  1. Access the administrative settings page
    • The Options are
      • Menu
        • Click on the “My Site” link on the Top Menu Bar
  2. Use menu
    • In the Site Menu
      • Click on “WP Admin” option
    • In the Dashboard menu
      • Choose the Settings/Writing option
  3. Writings Setting
    • The default option will be chosen next to the “Default Post Category” label
    • Please choose a more fitting category if you find one

No Default Category

What if you choose not to have a default category.

Well WordPress does not have that option.


From an aesthetic standpoint, there is a bit of a downside.

Your visitors will notice your hurriedness to post.


Single Post

You will have to return to the post and uncheck the Uncategorized category.

Multiple Posts

To address for multiple posts, you will have to the following

  1. Access all posts page
  2. Filter on uncategorized
  3. Select each post
    • Click on Quick Edit
    • From the list of categories, un-select “Uncategorized”
    • Click the Update button



Writing Settings






Quite a bit of clean-up effort because one chose to save a post before choosing a  category beforehand.

Is it time to un-learn that tradition “Save Often“, even when un-needed?



Dedicating to WordPress Support.

Here is a chat of a quick online conversation :-


I enjoyed the ease that Support was able to help me; especially its straight forwardness.

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