Fell in Love at 14

Jumped out into Moving Traffic

Coming in back from that store run.

From the side of my eye, saw homey pull back.

He had jumped out on the street; thinking the changed light is for us.

I looked over at him; he looked like the type you can turn to and have sweet little conversations with.

I told him thank God for that Guiding Angel.

Walked A bit

We walked a bit.

Saw the cop car drive by.

He shared with me that one can not be too careful these days.

Continuing that with cop cars having cameras with full 360 degrees view, one needs all kinds of throw offs to make sure things don’t match exact.

We hadn’t walk five meters before he found one such disguise the gods strategically availed by the scrubs outside the coffee house.

I knew he was going to enthusiastically tell me all the ways one can thrive; AI notwithstanding.


The story led to wearing the right outfits.

He rolled his shirt sleeves up as he showed me fresh cuts and wounds from shooting up.

Grew up

He grew up down south.

By fourteen he was hooked on cocaine.

Soon after that someone drew that line.

It was no longer Cane, he graduated to Heroine.

Hit it one time and Feel in Love .

He soon let go of his high school sweet heart.

Letting go of school came shortly thereafter.


Street Life

Living off the streets.

Now he is 44 staring at 45.

Stealing and robbing.

In and Out of Jail and Rehab.


Lonely and Alone

Lonely and Alone.

But, that is the only way it will work.

Cause even his own mama he will steal from.


Today is Different

Today is different.

He already has a stash waiting for him at home.

No need to steal.



I shared with him that he needs a miracle.

And, he said Yes he agrees.

He is catholic and every Sunday he shows up at Church.

Cause one day God will meet him.


Shake Hands

He said there is no reason to shake my hands.

As he did not want to give me what he has.

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