Ravi Zacharias & Michael Ramsden :- The Failings of the Church



  1. Ravi Zacharias & Michael Ramsden
    • The Failings of the Church
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        • The evening that inspired Ravi Zacharias’s latest book: “Has Christianity Failed You?” On May 11, 2006, Ravi Zacharias, and Michael Ramsden confronted the question of the failure of Christianity before a sold-out audience at Atlanta’s renowned Fox Theatre. Here, both speakers address the failings of the church, and seek to demonstrate the difference between those who falsely claim to represent the church, and those who truly serve it.
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          Channel :- Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
          Recorded :- 2006-May-11th
          Uploaded :- 2010-June-17th

In depth

Ravi Zacharias & Michael Ramsden

The Failings of the Church

  1. Questioner :- Charles
    • Today’s Church is rampant with bio-politics, hate, racism, and misappropriation of funds.
    • Why should I associate with the Church bearing in mind Paul’s admonition to the Corinthians
  2. Answer
    • If we preach a life changing Gospel, it is assumed that we are been changed
    • Just because you say you do something in the name of it, does not mean it is
    • Look for that what is real, when you find it, you will know it is
    • Forsake Christ
      • Do not forsake Christ because of something you might have seen somewhere
      • Instead seek him
      • Seek him, and Find Him
      • Jesus says if you seek me, you will find me
      • Look for something that is real
      • Ask questions
    • Go to Church
      • Went to Church and noticed the hypocrisy
      • And, then met one or two people
      • And, watched them talk about Jesus
        • They meant it
        • And, they had some things different about their lives


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