Jeff C. Olsen, Near Death Experience (NDE)



  1. The near-death experience of Jeff Olsen
    • An interview by Anthony Chene
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          Channel :- Anthony Chene production
          Published On :- 2019-March-19th
  2. Jeff Olsen – Exploring Spiritual Gifts in the Aftermath of an NDE
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      • Exploring Spiritual Gifts in the Aftermath of an NDE — Jeff Olsen, 2016 IANDS Conference Jeff Olsen transforms his own Near-Death Experience into keys to explore the extraordinary in day to day life. After a devastating auto accident crippled Olsen and took half of his family, Olsen draws from the answers provided in his own NDE to explore the gifts and profound miracles in everyday life. Olsen expounds on what we do here, now to literally bring heaven, and greater spirituality to this planet. Olsen takes his NDE to the next level by sharing what can be done in day to day life to create miracles and more joy in the lives of everyone, not just those have a Near-Death Experience.
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      • Video #1
        Channel :- IANDSvideos
        Published On :- 2016-Dec-4th


In depth

Jeff Olsen – Exploring Spiritual Gifts in the Aftermath of an NDE

  1. Light
    • It is going to be OK
    • In terror came calmness
    • Surrounded by Light
    • Heard stories of tunnels
  2. Choice
    • Wife deceased
    • Emotional and crying
    • you go to go back
    • Every moment has a choice
    • Rule in universe
      • Free will
      • and choice
  3. Go to say good bye
    • I couldn’t talk about it for a long time
  4. Enablers
    • 7 year son
      • Traumatic, he thought the whole family was gone
    • Poignant Goodbye
      • I had said the most poignant good bye that I will ever say
  5. Knowing Everything
    • Everyone there I knew them
    • Unconditional Love for them
    • There was a oneness
    • A connected to each of them
  6. Grew up Christian
    • As you have done to the least of them, you have done to me
  7. Came upon a person
    1. Coldness
    2. I am not my body
    3. I was to get back in
  8. Power in thought
    • Power to get back into the body
    • Back to the body
    • The grief, the Pain
  9. 35 Minute Segment
    • Come see my Dad
    • No less divine
    • Heaven had really come down here
    • No reason we cannot create heaven here
    • Where is all that love, where is that divine
  10. Sobbed
    • I cried
    • I sobbed that one night
    • Choose Joy
    • Unfoldness in a beautiful way
  11. Tanya
    • New wife
    • she showed up
    • We adopted two sons
    • Learn enough about men
    • Men are meant to be tender
  12. Different Way
  13. Harsh
    • We are in troubled times
    • We are harsh
  14. Change
    • The government are not going to change it
    • The churches are not going to change it
  15. Poor
    • Poor in Spirit
    • Will you share a hug?
  16. Holding
    • Holding people in their magnificence rather than their brokenness
    • All their is wisdom
      • What you are learning
      • Lesson within that
  17. The fourth day
    • After 3 day, we have to leave this place
    • But, we do not leave alone
    • We leave together


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