PostgreSQL :- Datatype – bpchar


I went back and started reviewing the script uses for creating the customer table in the Northwind database.



We are using the script furnished by pthom.

It is published via GitHub and availed here.

Here is the portion that creates the customer table

-- Name: customers; Type: TABLE; Schema: public; Owner: -; Tablespace:
CREATE TABLE customers (
    customer_id bpchar NOT NULL,
    company_name character varying(40) NOT NULL,
    contact_name character varying(30),
    contact_title character varying(30),
    address character varying(60),
    city character varying(15),
    region character varying(15),
    postal_code character varying(10),
    country character varying(15),
    phone character varying(24),
    fax character varying(24)

What is bpchar?

The customer_id column is defined as bpchar not null.

I am thinking what is bpchar?

Google end up defining bpchar as

Effectively in bpchar b stands for blank and p stands for padded and bpchar is same as char(n) or character(n) , a blank padded to n length string…

So it appears to be fixed length character data type.


BTW, in PostgreSQL varchar is defined using this template

column-name character varying(length) nullability

And, so company name will be :-

company_name character varying(40) NOT NULL

bpchar (Length Defined)

If you find that you will like your character columns length rigidly defined, then issue something such as

column-name char(length) nullability

And, so company name will be :-

customer_id char(5) NOT NULL




Let us use the information_schema.columns view to better understand how column definition is exposed.


	     tblISC.table_catalog as "catalog"

       , tblISC.table_schema  as "schema"

       , tblISC.table_name    as "table"

       , tblISC.column_name   as "column"

       , tblISC.ordinal_position as "postion"

       , tblISC.data_type        as "dataType"

       , tblISC.udt_name         as "userdefinedName"

       , tblISC.character_maximum_length as "maxLength"

       , case

             when tblISC.character_maximum_length is null then 'Null'
             else cast(tblISC.character_maximum_length as varchar(30))
         end as "maxLengthInterpreted"

       , tblISC.character_octet_length as "octetLength"

       , tblISC.character_octet_length
       		/ nullif
       	          , 0
               ) as "bytesPerCharacter"

from   information_schema.columns tblISC

where  tblISC.table_schema = 'public'

and    tblISC.table_name in ( 'customers')


Image – bpchar


Image – char(n)


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