Derek Carr On “More Information….”


Derek Carr’s introduction on information seeking resonates with me.

There was a recent event here in Fresno.

The event’s name is “The Altar Conference 2019”.



Derek admonishes us not to approach the Altar and have him show up and make it Question and Answer (Q/A) session.

It is easy to do that a few times, but after a while it really needs to be more intimate.

It needs to change from us showing up for what we can get to feed our mind.

We need to desire more than to be better able to argue on religion matters.



  1. Derek Carr
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          • A sermon by Derek Carr followed by an altar call on the second day of The Altar Conference in Fresno, California.
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          Channel :- The Altar
          Published On :- 2019-June-24th


In depth


  1. Love
    • We thank you for loving in us to show up
    • We thank you for loving in us to grip our hearts in your hands
  2. Praise him
    • May you be exalted
    • May you be praised
    • Praise him for what he is doing in your heart
    • Press in
    • The more you press in, the more you will find out about him
  3.  Information
    • Don’t leave here the same way, you came in
    • Don’t come face to face with the Living God and walk out this place with more information
    • Do not walk into the presence of God and just leave with more information
    • Don’t leave knowing he is and you did not get to touch him
  4. Pressing Him
    • If you are pressing in, keep pressing in
  5. Delivered and Set Free
    • People getting delivered and set free
  6. Stay Here
    • Stay here if you can getting right with God
  7. Alignment
    • Make sure it aligns with this word
    • And, if it aligns do it with all your Heart
  8. Heart
    • What it has done to my Heart
  9. God’s Heart
    • Feeling God’s heart for his people
    • Felt his heart for you
  10. Hear the truth
    • Hear the Truth and feel the living God

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