David Heinemeier Hansson – Good Programmers

David Heinemeier Hansson


Writing for Medium, Christophe Limpalair ( from Linux Academy ) interviews David Heinemeier Hansson.

The post is here.


Here are some good points from the post.

  1. Code Presentation
  2. Code Quality
    • Bad Looks
      • Having methods that are 15 lines long and do 5 different things
      • Tons of global variables
      • Poorly named variables
      • Poor commenting
  3. Follow Standards
    • Look to see available standards and used them
    • Rather, than develop everything from scratch
  4. Read Books
    • Kent Beck
      • Smalltalk best practice patterns
    • Robert Cecil Martin
      • Clean Code by Robert C. Martin
    • Martin Fowler
      • Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code
  5. Open Source Contributions
    • While David emphasized that you do not need to have contributed to open source projects, it can be very beneficial.
    • Not only does it give you extra practice at making your code better, but you also make connections.
  6. Write Code
    • For the last test of their hiring process, Basecamp makes you write code for them. They pay you to work on a side project so they can judge you on your skillset.
    • Once you go through that process with a number of candidates, it’s very clear who you need to hire.
    • You get to see how they work, think, and solve problems.




Presentation – Worrisome



Presentation – Better


My Take

Commented Out Code

  1. Remove commented out code if you have not re-added them back in while
    • I suppose place a date annotation indicating the date you originally commented it out
    • And, may be the premise
    • I suppose it will help to place commented out code in its own function
      • Original Code can be more easily identified
      • And, compared to revised one


We owe a lot to guys such as David Heinemeier Hansson and Christophe Limpalair.

Inclusive :-

  1. Writing great software
  2. Sharing stringent principles

There is so much I happily lived with and now I can start to correct just because someone took the time to point it out.

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