Ministry of Love & Care


Public Transportation is the only means I get to see and experience a bit more these days.

City Square

As I waited on the L Train yesterday evening, heard a young lady playing her music loud enough to be heard.

YNW Melly

Asked who she listening to, she said YNW Melly.

What song ? Slang That Iron.

Out for a while ? Don’t really matter, he on “Death Row“.


  1. Quando Rondo
    • Bacc To The Basics
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    • Scarred From Love
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  2. YNW Melly
    • Slang That Iron
      • Videos
        • YNW Melly “Slang That Iron” (WSHH Exclusive – Official Music Video)
          Channel :- WORLDSTARHIPHOP
          Published On :- 2018-July-30th
  3. LOGIC!
    • Gang Related
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        • Girl Raps to Gang Related faster than Logic ( Original )
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          Published On :- 2017-July-17th


YNW Melly

  1. Slang That Iron
    • And I really don’t feel the way I once felt about school
      Ma it’s not you, it’s me, I’m
      Just so fucked ’bout this street

Quando Rondo

  1. Scarred from Love
    • You always listen to your friends and let ’em come in between us
  2. Bacc To The Basics
    • Straight off the head but they gon’ think that I wrote this
    • This a real life story so I gotta keep it real
      Stack-stack that money for a lawyer I been told that since a lil’ nigga
    • Shawty so one-hunnit, swear to God she keep it G though
      But if I gotta beat you then baby I don’t need you
    • More money, more problems, they be feelin’ on the problem solvers
    • know they hate I came up I see the look on all they faces
      My last bitch changed up I left her in a free agent
      Too many missed calls, why the fuck they keep on callin’ me?
      Shawty on the block list why the fuck she keep on stalkin’ me?
    • I let that hoe meet mother so now she thinkin’ she a Bowman
      I’ma fuck with no rubber see I don’t really need no Trojan
      I was sittin’ in a cell when I made that “I Remember”
      Now I’m fuckin’ all these bitches and they name I don’t remember

      • Bowman” is his Government Name
      • I Remember” is his break out track


In Closing

I couldn’t walk from shortie; seeing her dream locked up in/with YNW Melly.

I swear EPMD hit me same bad; when he plead and bled “Please listen to my demo“.

Wifey always reminds me you can’t help everybody.

Help me, as I help you.

Keep me, as I keep you.

Every body has a story, ours just happen to be soul.

In time, we all get committed out, aged out.

So if you are doing it, if you are committed, please do it, continue doing it, as hard as you can, as well as you can, for as long as you can.



Dedicated to so many.

So many diamond, peachy pieces.

Quickly got beyond how she look.

When she turn and how she walk away, only thing is her heart cry and say I wish I could do for mine; do for my people.

Don’t ask me about no f..ed up n..

I just opened up to you, the ache in my heart, and how am I mend the break in it, but you gonna down and drown me.

I thought we could relate on a come up basis.

But, you starting to remind me of the same fools; we just got through talking about.

I swear on my mama back side, next time I see you, am I overlook you.

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