Samba :- Linux & Windows Integration


Mid last week as I was returning home received a word.

It read :-

The Linux Host is not accessible and the Linux Subsystem on our Window 10 desktop is not working either.


Working Through

Windows 10 Linux Subsystem

Looked at the Windows 10 Subsystem and the issue appears to be newbie issues.

It looks like a few of the commands from the Linux Study Guide that my family member  is following is not available in the Windows Subsystem.


Linux Host

The Linux host was more complicated.


Tried to connect to the Linux Host, but it wouldn’t respond

Due to lack of affection and attention and it needed a reboot badly.


Applied Patches

Waiting for me was a trek load of patches.

Applied them.



Tried to ssh it from one of our Windows systems.  But, I couldn’t get a response.

Wireless Access Point

Dynamic IP Address

The Linux host is connected to our network via a Wireless connection.

Connected to the WAP via a browser.

Confirmed that the IP Address had changed from the one registered with the DNS server.


DHCP Reservation

Tried to see whether the WAP supports DHCP Reservation.

DHCP Reservation basically states that a given MAC Address should be granted exclusive access to an IP Address.


Knowing the the WAP could end up offering a different IP Address, it was time to untie our Linux host from a permanent IP Address.



Years ago, played around with SAMBA.

But, that was yearns ago.

Vladyslav Baidak @ Scalified

Googled on the right terms.

And, ended up finding a quality post from Vladyslav Baidak @ Scalified.

That post is here :-

Devops: Configuring Host Name Resolution


Linked In

Had a few suggestions and reached out to Vladyslav Baidak via Linked In.


Hi Daniel! Thanks for your interest. I’m really glad I could help you. Indeed that was the reason for writing this mini article – I had the same question some time ago.   As for the title – that’s a typo for sure, we’ll fix it soon

Daniel, we fixed the title and added possibility to add comments as you asked.










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