Falling in Line

Bus Stop

I raced to the Bus Stop knowing a minute or two in-between will mean missing the Bus.

Upon getting there I looked up and “No Bus” in view.

Called 511 and told the next Bus will be here in 24 minutes.

Who has 24 minutes to wait.

Old Shoes aside, “Baby, I can’t wait”.

I barely walked 3 minutes when that Bus came whistling By.

Belt Buckled

Punishment for lazy rising and missing the Bus, is 30 minutes walk to the next stop.

Additional punishment came through busted Belt Buckle.

Pharmacy Stop

After the morning call went over to CVS.  But, they no longer carry belts.

Leonard said he got me.

But, take another man’s belt, Bro.

The Third Voice

The next behind me in line walked me to the back of the store.

He said he got himself a belt from that same store a few months back.

He pointed at the rack.

Unfortunately, it seems the store no longer carries that item.

He was disappointed he couldn’t save the day.

But, he said not all is lost.

Just walk to the Salvation Army a few city blocks over and pick yourself a belt.

The only other time I was there was the day I met Ms. A.


Salvation Army

Salvation Army did not have my size.

And, besides most of them were worn.


Another CVS is across the street.

The security guard said No they don’t carry belts.

But, she had a good word, China Town, two blocks over.

China Town

Lady Clothes

The first store I walked into is a store that only carries women apparel.

I felt sorry for the merchant right away.

As I walked in pitifully asking for men’s belt, she was counting money.

I just had to look her in the eye and say I am sorry.

Bright and early, ugly as ever, looking like I am about to mug her.

Good Directions

The next store do not carry belts either, but she directed me well.

I said Xie, Xie as I left.

Good Store

The good store had it for $9 and 68 cents or so.

Thank You

I went by the parking lot where the man that forwarded me to Salvation Army works.

Showed him the belt and thanked him for listening to God and speaking a word of encouragement to my desolate morning.

Delivery Man

One of the delivery men that works with us came upon the door as I did.  I badged in and we went in together.

The man manning the front desk asked me whether I was playing security this morning, as well.

I sheepishly said NO.

Falling in Line

Life is about falling in line.

Hope you have some good ones to fall in.


Listening To

  1. Nu Shooz
    • Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait (Official Music Video) – YouTube


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