Public Transit, The Good

Two Weeks in a Row

Last couple of weeks, I noticed a couple of positives on my daily train ride.

The PA System gave a shout out to Pride Day.  As it means more when it is personal, it was delivered through the words and a voice of a mother whose son identifies.

And, then last Wednesday as we headed home for the 4th break, I saw the conductor come out of his booth to say Hi to commuters.

He said Hi to one of the ladies and I passed it off as a nice affirmation.

But, then he smiled hugely and shouted words at me as well.  And, I thought this guy is actually in a good mood.

Someone in a good mood, after dealing with a cantankerous public all day.

House of Worship

Finally made it back to the house of worship this last weekend.

I did not even realize services has been collapsed to one service for the summer months.

Having to wait an hour before service starts, Ms. Bernadette talked me to attending the men’s fellowship.

Discussion was on how people are more angry these days.

Thanks Goodness for YouTube preachers.  But, God, some of them have forgotten it used to be called the Good News Gospel.

I know have a Good Life is likely sarcasm these days.



As I wondered home yesterday got off impeccably.

A young lady wanted to get on the elevator, but it was going to be crowded with people.

And, so she took to walking.

I commented on same.

And, she replied, Yes she was going to ride the elevator, but she needed the walk even more.

I noticed the biggest dimples this side of the Ocean.

And, affirmed it.

Unforgivably inquired if it was on both sides.

She said No and that she only has the one.

But, that her sister has three, as she stole one of hers.

Thanks goodness as un-earned laughter comes easy.

She continued that things are not so bad, as her one is still growing.

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